So many tests and papers…

Hello everyone! So these past two weeks have been crazy! Tests upon tests and papers upon papers! At least Spring break is coming up soon at least, right? So last night I was really busy with my English paper, but before I started that I hosted an RPM event. You might be asking what a “RPM event” actually is? Well let me tell you..

So RPM stands for a Resident Peer Minister, which I am in McCarthy Hall! We are based out of Campus Ministry, here at Saint Xavier. I am just a helping hand in the residence halls for the students incase they ever need someone to talk to, or be there for them. And no I do not unlock doors like Resident Assistant’s do! Residents always come to me for things like that, and it is quite humorous.  Anyways, RPM’s like to host fun things for the residents, like I did last night!

So last night I held an event that was called “ Meet your Peer Ministers” that was held in the link! Incase you do not know what the link is, it connects the two Residence Halls : Rubloff and McCarthy. Anyways, the event had free pizza but only if you donated a canned good to charity! It is always nice to see how much the residents care to give back to others, and at the same time receive a free meal themselves, which is always a plus!

Campus Ministry has a lot to offer students! They are always welcoming students of all faiths and have different organizations you can become involved in such as: Resident Peer Ministry, Peer Ministry, Bible Study, Retreats, Service Trips, and Prayer Groups. Mass is offered during the week and the student mass is offered every Sunday night at 8pm, where students can participate in the mass as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers!


Here is a picture of the Chapel at Saint Xavier.

Campus Ministry is a welcoming family on campus, and we love to meet new students! I hope you have an awesome weekend Cougars!

Try and Stay Warm- Snow, Snow, Go Away and Never Come Back Another Day!



Under the weather?

Hi hello,

Today I thought I would tackle how people feel about the transportation each student works around and how they feel about some extreme weather conditions that may occur. As a resident, this is paradise living five minutes from class. It’s incredibly convenient, from two straight years of commuting to my old college in downtown Chicago via CTA train and bus, to a four minute walk.

Here is what these commuters think:

This Semester is going by Quick!

Hey guys!

This semester has been going by very fast. It seems like it was just yesterday we were getting ready to come back to school from winter break. The week after next we will already be on spring break, and I myself cannot wait!

As you all know, I am the play-by-play announcer for our schools men’s basketball team. For those of you who are not aware of it, our school has had one heck of a season and are getting ready to go down to Missouri to compete for the NAIA National Championship! Since I am one of the broadcasters for our school, I will be able to go down with the team to be able to call all of their games in the tournament. I like to think I am one of the luckiest people on campus because of this. Not only do I get to have an extra week off of school, I get to take a trip down to Missouri to be a part of the NAIA National Championship tournament! Hopefully by the time I return, our school will have another team atop the list of National Champions.

When we get back from the tournament, it will be spring break! I myself cannot wait for spring break either! I am a huge Chicago White Sox fan and this year for spring break, I will be traveling to Arizona to go to some spring training MLB games. This should be pretty exciting for me because I have never been this far in the west, and I have never been to spring training before. One of the big events I am excited for in Arizona is getting to see the White Sox vs. the Cubs March 15th. I think it will be quite the experience for me because of the huge sports fan that I am!

Camelback RanchWhite Sox home park

Camelback Ranch
White Sox home park

Be sure to read my blog next week and I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the basketball team and my experience in Missouri!

     See you later!


Embracing Critiques & Challenges in College

So, I decided to write this blog about something that I’ve had to learn over time and have been recently faced with:


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.12.15 PM

Recent feedback I received in a class.


In high school, grades are usually based on more of a black and white scale. Test taking, proves you to either be right or wrong. It often just shows how much you’ve studied. In college, there is more feedback given from professors when assessing grades. Public speaking, projects, and papers are all constantly critiqued.

I’ll be honest. Critiques are not something I used to embrace. I would just go straight to my grade, check my score, and keep it moving. When I first started college, I rarely paid much attention to the extra comments. I also was sometimes defensive when receiving critiques, until I realized something.

No one is born an expert. Lessons in life have to be lived and/or learned.

Recently, at a church service an older woman told the younger women, “You aren’t even supposed to know how to love (as a wife) we’re supposed to teach you.” When she said that, it helped me because sometimes I tend to be hard on myself, having such high expectations. If you’re like that, breath! Life is for learning. In the image above, I have included feedback I recently received from a presentation I gave in one of my classes. I was pleased with the high A I earned and also the honest feedback. I sometimes get excited or nervous when speaking which results in me speaking too fast. It is good to know that it’s something that I can work on and that it is not a complete hinderance. I think our flaws make us relatable and give us something to strive for.


This semester, I’m taking a couple of electives. I joke with my friends because neither one of them are what student would call “easy courses”.  Often, during their last semester, seniors take their required courses and have a small amount of credit hours that they need to fill. This is the time when students choose classes that don’t require a lot of outside of class time. Apparently I am not one of those students. Both of the class electives that I’m taking require a lot of outside of class time and projects that include critiques and feedback. I chose to do this because I want to take advantage of the time I still have to learn. Of course I could probably take an easier way out, but honestly I enjoy learning.

There are still topics and interests I want to explore so, why not take advantage of what I can while in college?

Don’t be afraid to take challenges while in college. Don’t feel ashamed to use criticism constructively. Don’t be intimated by not to knowing or to wanting to know more. I think those are precursors for learning and ultimately success. :-)

Until next time,


Hey everyone!

Coming from high school to college is a big transition.  I know in high school I felt like I had a lot of homework, but I always did it last-minute, but I always ended up finishing it! When I came to Saint Xavier I tried that for the first semester, and even though I did good, I learned that procrastination DOES NOT WORK in college! Anyways I don’t want to bore you with my study tips but this leads me to my next point..

Our library here is awesome! Saint Xavier has study rooms that students can use in groups to study for tests and catch up on homework. It’s really cool because there are also flat screen televisions in each room, so students can hook up their laptops to the big screen. Pretty cool huh?! Well at least I think so..

There are tons of computers in our library and this really cool scanning system that is totally FREE. I know right? You do not hear “free” a lot in today’s world. The computers are all macs but don’t worry PC users you have a choice to switch the system over to PC too.. even though Apple is cooler anyway!!

There are movies that you can check out and even TV series too, which is pretty cool. Everyone is always at the library so I am sure you will end up seeing one of your friends there, some people like to just go there to relax since it is a pretty sight!

Defiantly check out the library, even if you don’t want to do homework. Sometimes I go there and just look out the window and daydream about being far, far away….somewhere warm.

pic for blog

This is usually what I am dreaming about…

Then I look out the pretty windows and it’s snowing?! Hey, welcome to Chicago it’s worth a shot, right?!

Cougars have an awesome weekend! Peace out!


Psshh… Who Needs High School?


High School is in fact one of the coolest things that you will experience in life. The neat thing about this cool opportunity is that you HAVE to go. Well, you have to go if you want to get anywhere in life. There are countless amounts of activities, sports, clubs, and friend groups to be a part of. You will meet some of the best and some of the worst people in your life while you are in High School. Soooooo why is doing good in High School so important? (this is a lengthy post so bear with me!)

Laugh a Little- it's okay!

Laugh a Little- it’s okay!

  • College- We all watch those Big Ten schools compete in games, we wear their logos with pride, and we fight with our friends about which school is better. Why can’t you be a part of that? Maybe a Big Ten school isn’t for you, maybe Saint Xavier is! No matter where you go, there is going to be a minimum requirement. Try applying to Saint Xavier, see if you make the cut!
  • Scholarships- There are scholarships that you can receive for just about anything! Apply, Apply, Apply! If you don’t get one, try another! Saint Xavier gives out millions of dollars in scholarships every year. They base one of the scholarships on your GPA (grade point average) and your ACT score, the higher they are, the less you pay for college!
  • Moving on in Your Future and Career- Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A nurse, teacher, counselor, police officer, speech pathologist, insurance agent, doctor etc.? College is the way to achieve these goals. Try taking a look at our undergraduate programs! After you graduate with your undergrad degree, you can go on to achieve a graduate degree.
  • Graduation- Why graduate in the low 30% of your class when you can strive to be in the top 15%! The more you can add to your resume, the better you look! The higher you keep your grades, the less stress you will have on your shoulders when it comes to applying to college.

Everyone complains about High School. Why would you want to go on to more schooling, if you don’t even enjoy the schooling that you’re in now?

  • Repetitive Schedules, mandatory class, and classes are not interesting

IN COLLEGE you can make your own schedule from under 12 credit hours (part-time student) to over 12 credit hours (full-time student). You can choose what section of the class you want to take and what time works best for you. It is your responsibility to make it to class so that you do not miss any lectures.

  • You get your cell phone taken from you when you use it in class

IN COLLEGE you can bring you beloved cell phones to class so you can learn and talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time (I know you all can’t go a full hour without knowing what the other is doing). You can even bring your laptops, iPad, tablets etc. You can download the notes, type the notes, and share them all within the same hour. On most cell phones (smart phones) you can download apps that actually help you in class such as a graphing calculator, dictionary, chemistry formulas, and anatomy diagrams. You can even send your assignments to the printers here from your laptop or mobile device!

  • Chewing gum gets you 5 detentions

IN COLLEGE YOU CAN EAT IN CLASS, respectfully of course! You can bring water bottles, soda, energy drinks, lunch, breakfast, and countless amount of other things to get you through the day. There are many places on campus that you can buy food and drinks from. Aside from our main cafeteria here at Saint Xavier, there is also an on campus Starbucks and Subway!

  • Having trouble and you can’t seem to get your teacher to help you in the right way

IN COLLEGE you can get all the help you need, for FREE! We have tutors, students who have already taken the course, a fully stocked library, full computer labs for each individual major, and all of the teachers have mandatory office hours. During these office hours, you can meet with your professors and get the help you need!


My roommates are going to kill me for posting this picture! I am so lucky to have met these awesome people

My roommates are going to kill me for posting this picture! I am so lucky to have met these awesome people

In High School I was part of the cool crowd, the nerds, and the jocks. I was also part of the Science Club, Environmental Club, Special Education Adaptive PE Program, Pep Club, and Student Ambassadors. I knew everyone and just about everything that went on in my school. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my High School experience. When I graduated from Lincoln-Way I thought it couldn’t get any better than that… then I got here. The people I have met, the classes I have taken, and the teachers/faculty/staff that have helped me along the way is outstanding. At this point in my life, again, I draw the question as to if it can get better than this!

The Music Power of SXU

The music program is extremely diverse here at SXU. There are over seven different music ensembles, ranging from smaller groups, like the guitar ensemble and the jazz combo, to the bigger groups like marching band and orchestra. For me, they were a great way to improve my performance skills and have fun meeting new people who share the love of music as I do. I feel it’s diverse in the styles of music the different ensembles can play. The Jazz Combo plays jazz music from Miles Davis to quartet tunes and the Jazz Band plays big band arrangements of swing jazz songs to Frank Sinatra. If you are into more classical music, there is the orchestra and the guitar ensemble playing Bach to Mozart. Finally, if you are more into modern tunes and love supporting the school’s sport teams, the Marching Band is for you. I heard them do a big band cover of the Led Zeppelin song “Kashmir”.
I have had a great time performing my personal favorite, jazz music with the Jazz Combo. For me. it I felt it was our own rock-star experience. The other students and I even thought of a fun name to call our band. We were the “Cycle of 7.”There were seven of us in the band, myself on guitar, Genevieve on saxophone, Mark on saxophone, Felix on the trombone, Denote on drums, Mike on the bass and Tom on the piano. We toured all around the SXU campus, bringing the house down at Starbucks, to playing for bar-hoppers at Gillhooleys. If you are looking for a rock-star experience I strongly recommend the Jazz Combo.


Hey Guys,

Will here again!

I wanted to tell you about all of the cool things I can do at the radio station!

One of my favorite parts of Saint Xavier is working and being a part of the student run radio station WXAV. WXAV allows me to play the music that I want to and allows me to learn skills that will help me out in the future. I am seeking a degree in mass communications, so everything that I learn at the radio station allows me to develop my skills.

Today, I was able to take part in a conference call at the radio station with two of the cast members of the hit NBC television show Parks and Recreations, Amy Poehler and Adam Scott. I am a big fan of both of them, so it was quite the experience to take part in the conference call. Unfortunately I was not able to ask a question, but that is part of the learning experience.

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am the deputy sports director which gives me the opportunity to do a lot of creative things with the station. One great part of my job at the radio station is being able to call the play-by-play for Saint Xavier’s men’s basketball team. I am pretty excited tonight to be able to call my first CCAC tournament game for the guys. I have always been a huge sports fan and always thought it would be incredible to be able to announce games and because of WXAV and Saint Xavier I have been able to have that dream come true.

Hey Guys! It’s Erika!

Hi guys, It’s Erika here!

I want to take a moment to tell you guys a little bit about me and what I will be writing about!

Right now I am a sophomore here at Saint Xavier. Being here I’ve learned a ton and I’ve gained some great friends that I’m hoping I’ll get to keep forever! I am not currently playing any sports (I hope to one day get the chance!) but I LOVE soccer, I try to go to Acroyoga every chance I get, I love to workout and I’m beginning to run and train for marathons! I love art and decorating and putting things together that I think go well! I’m a little quirky, some might say adorable, but of all things I’m a cool gal; and by cool I mean my definition of cool which is a little different, you’ll see!

I will be doing vlogs at least once a week about different things! One of my features will include a “dorm-friendly meals” vlog! For those of you out there that live on campus, get your utensils ready because I have a lot to bring to the table ;) I will also be writing a bit about my experiences and giving tips to those who may need just what I needed! I’ll be showing you guys what it takes to be in my shoes and letting you all inside of my school life! It’s a bit of a rollercoaster but I’m sure it will be fun for all of us!

I have some really funny stories to tell, some really good tips to give and some tasty meals to make so stay tuned for all that comes with it!