Embracing Critiques & Challenges in College

So, I decided to write this blog about something that I’ve had to learn over time and have been recently faced with:


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.12.15 PM

Recent feedback I received in a class.


In high school, grades are usually based on more of a black and white scale. Test taking, proves you to either be right or wrong. It often just shows how much you’ve studied. In college, there is more feedback given from professors when assessing grades. Public speaking, projects, and papers are all constantly critiqued.

I’ll be honest. Critiques are not something I used to embrace. I would just go straight to my grade, check my score, and keep it moving. When I first started college, I rarely paid much attention to the extra comments. I also was sometimes defensive when receiving critiques, until I realized something.

No one is born an expert. Lessons in life have to be lived and/or learned.

Recently, at a church service an older woman told the younger women, “You aren’t even supposed to know how to love (as a wife) we’re supposed to teach you.” When she said that, it helped me because sometimes I tend to be hard on myself, having such high expectations. If you’re like that, breath! Life is for learning. In the image above, I have included feedback I recently received from a presentation I gave in one of my classes. I was pleased with the high A I earned and also the honest feedback. I sometimes get excited or nervous when speaking which results in me speaking too fast. It is good to know that it’s something that I can work on and that it is not a complete hinderance. I think our flaws make us relatable and give us something to strive for.


This semester, I’m taking a couple of electives. I joke with my friends because neither one of them are what student would call “easy courses”.  Often, during their last semester, seniors take their required courses and have a small amount of credit hours that they need to fill. This is the time when students choose classes that don’t require a lot of outside of class time. Apparently I am not one of those students. Both of the class electives that I’m taking require a lot of outside of class time and projects that include critiques and feedback. I chose to do this because I want to take advantage of the time I still have to learn. Of course I could probably take an easier way out, but honestly I enjoy learning.

There are still topics and interests I want to explore so, why not take advantage of what I can while in college?

Don’t be afraid to take challenges while in college. Don’t feel ashamed to use criticism constructively. Don’t be intimated by not to knowing or to wanting to know more. I think those are precursors for learning and ultimately success. :-)

Until next time,


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