Hey everyone!

Coming from high school to college is a big transition.  I know in high school I felt like I had a lot of homework, but I always did it last-minute, but I always ended up finishing it! When I came to Saint Xavier I tried that for the first semester, and even though I did good, I learned that procrastination DOES NOT WORK in college! Anyways I don’t want to bore you with my study tips but this leads me to my next point..

Our library here is awesome! Saint Xavier has study rooms that students can use in groups to study for tests and catch up on homework. It’s really cool because there are also flat screen televisions in each room, so students can hook up their laptops to the big screen. Pretty cool huh?! Well at least I think so..

There are tons of computers in our library and this really cool scanning system that is totally FREE. I know right? You do not hear “free” a lot in today’s world. The computers are all macs but don’t worry PC users you have a choice to switch the system over to PC too.. even though Apple is cooler anyway!!

There are movies that you can check out and even TV series too, which is pretty cool. Everyone is always at the library so I am sure you will end up seeing one of your friends there, some people like to just go there to relax since it is a pretty sight!

Defiantly check out the library, even if you don’t want to do homework. Sometimes I go there and just look out the window and daydream about being far, far away….somewhere warm.

pic for blog

This is usually what I am dreaming about…

Then I look out the pretty windows and it’s snowing?! Hey, welcome to Chicago it’s worth a shot, right?!

Cougars have an awesome weekend! Peace out!


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