A Letter to 19-Year-Old Me

22Yesterday, I turned 22. I had an amazing day consisting of being around my loved ones, inspiration, & good food :-) . When my birthday was approaching, I started to think about how much I have changed during my four years in college. I love reading “letters to a younger self” that other people write and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do just that. I am sharing this letter with you, in hopes that if you’re just beginning college, you’ll be encouraged. If you’re in the middle or towards the end, I encourage you to look back at your own journey.

Dear Sydney,


A funny picture I took, when I was 19! We always think we were cool, until we look back at pictures lol.

You’re about to begin one of the most amazing periods of your life. Many people say that your college years are your best years, but I personally would tell you that life will continue to get better with time ;-) . So, I know how nervous you are right now! Picking a college is the first major decision you have ever had to make. You’ve visited a few colleges and they don’t really seem like a fit. You’re interested in small classrooms, a sense of community, and an excellent education. You also want to find yourself and what you’re really interested in. You will. You’re a little nervous about going to Saint Xavier, because you don’t know anyone. You also don’t know if a small, private school will help you get adequate recognition in the competitive media industry. You will gain amazing friends that feel more like family. You’ll soon get opportunities to lead and gain internships that expose you to the media industry. Some of your favorite classes will be the ones that cause you to think critically and express creatively. During your fours in college, so much will happen. Your social and spiritual life will flourish. I know how badly you want to travel; you will get the opportunity to study abroad. Yes, it will all be amazing. However, there will be hard times. Some of your classes will be challenging. Finding who you are, will sometimes feel like a confusing maze. You won’t always know who to trust or let into your life. You’ll have to go into the hospital much more than you would like, but you’ll always have support. At the end of each semester, you’ll realize how much strength lies within you. You’ll laugh, cry, wonder, learn, question, and form constantly into who you are meant to be.

Most importantly, everything will be okay. 


Embrace the journey!

With Love, Sydney

SXU Diner

The SXU diner is for all students, commuter or resident, where the community of SXU unites for food, activities, socialization, and studies. The food has a selection from soups, salads, healthy sandwiches to great fast food like cheeseburgers and fries. This, however, is not what makes the diner so great. The SXU diner is for students to come together to socialize, play games and even study with each other. In different areas of the diner you will notices different groups on campus from the Service Club to TableTop Club having fun and enjoying the area. Even sports teams unite at the diner in their team jerseys coming together to promote their team. With free wi-fi around campus students are able to access the internet from any mobile technological device. Comes in handy for commuter students who would like to kill time with their friends or sit to work on their studies. In the SXU diner I was able to promote my created club the SXU Bowling Club. It was through the diner I was able to find a group of friends who I see on a regular basis to study with or socialize with. Sometimes myself and other SXU improv members even use the diner to promote our club and tell students about shows that are going to happen.
Here is what these students thought:

Hey, I’m Amber!

Hello Everyone! My name is Amber Prskalo and I am a new blogger on Cougar Diaries! I am a junior here at St. Xavier University. I am a Communication Science and Disorders Major, or like most people call it a Speech Pathology Major. I also like English sometimes, so that is why I decided to become a minor in it. Pretty cool, huh? Well honestly everyone was picking up minors except me so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a minor in something.

Anyways I am pretty excited to start blogging on here! I am involved a lot on campus so I will be talking about my organizations a lot on here, so I hope you don’t get annoyed with that! I promise the things I am involved in are pretty cool… well hopefully to some of you. So I know you are all wanting to know more about me.. so here we go..

I LOVE LOVE LOVE football! The Chicago Bears are my favorite followed by the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans. Yup I am obsessed with Tom Brady and JJ Watt, they are my favorite men in the NFL. And no I don’t just like football cause of the good looking men to look at, I like it because of the game, and then good eye candy is a plus too! I also love my family more than anything in this entire world. I have one brother, Bobby who is my best friend. We are super close in age so that’s nice to have someone to always be around the house with. My Mom and Dad are awesome too, along with my dog Payton. Payton is NOT named after Payton Manning , but after the great Walter Payton, duh! She is my baby and I am always missing her when I am not at home.


This is Payton who is turning 12 in June!

I am from Mokena, IL, which is about 25 minutes away from St. Xavier. And yes I chose to live here, which is an awesome experience because I do not think I would enjoy school as much without getting the whole “ away from home” experience. It makes you appreciate being home more when you’re there.

Well that is enough about me! I am looking forward to blog more each week. Later everyone, have a good week. Only two more days till Friday… we can do it. Until the next time Cougars!

Hello, I’m Will

Hello, my name is William Weyant. I am a junior at Saint Xavier. I recently transferred here from Joliet Junior College. I am a mass communication major currently just hoping to have a job after I am finished with my schooling. Although I am a junior, my intended goal is to graduate in December of 2014. Fall of 2012 was my first semester here at SXU. One of the reasons I decided to choose

Saint Xavier to continue my education was because of the student media department at the school. Last semester I was the deputy sports editor at the Xavierite. This semester I became the deputy sports director at WXAV. I do the play-by-play for the men’s basketball team and have two radio shows on WXAV.

Cougar Sports Den Monday's 11am to 1pmClosing Time Thursday's 8pm-10pm

Cougar Sports Den Monday’s 11am to 1pm
Closing Time Thursday’s 8pm-10pm

I write sports articles for the Xavierite as a sports columnist. I work for the school’s media services department where I deliver technical equipment to classrooms. Saint Xavier has clearly proven to me that it was the best possible choice of a school for me to continue my education and I look forward to blogging more for you as the semester progresses.

Hey, I’m Rachel.

So this blog thing… I think it is really neat. To have someone nominate you for anything is pretty cool, and I (as well as all of us SXU bloggers) have been nominated. We all think that we are special, perfect in our own ways, and I’m sure you all are. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m not singling anyone out for being arrogant (unless you are, then you should probably stop before you lose all of your friends). What I mean is that we all really think highly of ourselves, even if we do not express it. I mean OBVIOUSLY when you ran a mile without stopping last week it was way more important than when Bobbie-Sue ran 7, right? No not really, sorry to burst your bubble. When you look at the big picture, we are all pretty cool in our own ways, we are all equal. Hey, if Billy Madison is cool, so are you!


So why was I asked to share all of my awesome experiences and brilliant knowledge with you? I ask myself the same question! I’m new to this, but I’ll catch on eventually. I don’t know everything, but what I do know is that I have been through a lot in my three years here at Saint Xavier University. I think some of you will benefit from my experiences, some of you will laugh at me, and some of you might reminisce on some of my stories. However you take it, I thank you for reading! As far as feedback goes please ask whatever you want, and chip in if you feel inclined to!

Let’s start with me- the cool one. 

Dionte and me

This is Dionte, he has Down Syndrome. We became friends in High School and we still hangout to this day!

My name is Rachel, I’m 21 years old, and I think I’m pretty cool. I think a lot of things though, sometimes I need to think twice, three times, but four times max. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with my life, but I always have known that I want to work with individuals with exceptional needs. It’s a start and I’m working my way to the finish. I am optimistic, I don’t worry too much about anything because worrying wont fix my problems. I don’t always match my clothes, and usually it’s accidental. I’m convinced that I’m a professional photographer thanks to Instagram. I’m not scared of much except for feet, horses, and someday looking like Honey Boo Boo’s mom. I don’t really enjoy drinking all that often, but gettin’ jiggy with my friends is always fun. Yeah, I just said jiggy. I like music, country is my preference. I have a tattoo of Garth Brooks lyrics on my rib cage. It says “Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire”. It has hidden meaning in which you probably don’t care about. So far getting a tattoo is still not a regret, so that’s pretty neat because I can’t return it. I miss High School a little bit, but I’ve learned that life goes on and it has a lot in store for each of us. I really enjoy college. I think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. I’ll tell you about it later, I know you are all dying to hear why I like it so much. I’ve also learned that maturity and age are not directly correlated. I’ll tell you about that later, too.

In a nutshell, I’m a full-time college student with a few part-time jobs and a full-time reputation to stay awesome. So welcome to my blog! ✌

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself!



Hi, I’m Sydney! This is my second year blogging and I wanted to reintroduce who I am to new and old followers. I also would like to tell you a little more about me, in hopes of you knowing what my blogs will be about.





I’m in my last semester of my undergraduate journey and even while writing this it is hard for me to actually believe it. From the perspective of a senior, I will be sharing tips and what I’ve learned throughout my four years here. I also plan to share different experiences about my current classes and the questions I’m faced with pertaining to post-graduate life. This blog will serve as an honest place for me to share and sum up the good and the challenging!



I say that I live inspiration because I more than love it. My faith and hope are big reasons that cause me to be so attracted to inspiration in whatever form it comes in. Inspiration comes in many forms for me. I find it through nature, friends, lessons, music, art, fashion, and various other experiences. Whenever I’m inspired by something, I usually share it with at least on other person. I like to soak in those moments and remember them for the rainy days. Consider yourself my “friend” and expect to hear all about what inspires me on a daily basis!



When I first started college, I wanted to be a journalist. While, I’ve expanded my career interests, I will always be a journalist at heart. Last year, I interviewed students who have graduated from Saint Xavier to catch up on what they were doing currently. Sometimes it is encouraging to see the various routes getting an education can take you. I plan to interview postgraduates of Saint Xavier and current students regularly on this blog. So, be prepared for them!

Now that you know more about the types of blogs that I will be writing and more about me as a person. I hope you will take this journey with me! See you next week.


Something about myself

Hello readers

I am Danny Alonso, third year student at SXU. I am very happy to be vlogging and blogging for you guys. I am a clinical psychology major with a minor in sociology. I plan to apply for graduate school for School Counseling k-12. In my spare time I love theater and improv. I also love alternative rock and jazz music. In the past I was in concert band and the jazz combo. I currently play in the guitar ensemble and church band. I am a very silly guy and am known for my cheezy sense of humor.