Why You Should Sail an Intern”ship”

Okay, my title is a little corny, but internships aren’t!

I am currently in the process of applying for and landing an internship for the summer after I’ve graduated and hopefully a following one in the fall. While a lot of students are looking for jobs, vacations, or even enrolling to graduate schools, I’m taking a different route. I would like an opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the media industry and also further explore where I fit. During college, I’ve also had internships and would like to share some reasons why they’re so important and how having internships has helped me.

Below is a video that shares the experiences and skills of one of my most recent internships!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbe_m87I6HI&w=560&h=315]

So, why are internships so important, you ask? It’s an education in the real world. You get to put tools and knowledge you learn in the classroom to use. As an intern, you’re expected to need training and you should receive direction and guidance. However, usually your internships relate to skills you’ve already began practicing. For example, during my creative services internship, I was asked to edit video clips. I was required to use skills I learned in my video productions class. Internships also help build your resume. My current resume is filled with three different internship experiences. This makes me more competitive and eligible to apply to various opportunities.  During internships you will grow as an individual. You learn who you are in the career environment and how to overcome challenging situations. My internships helped me get over feelings of nervousness, fear, and inferiority. Internships can additionally help you find your interests. Sometimes you don’t really know what you like to do until you experience what you don’t. During internships you get to test work environments, schedules, and types of work, to help define what best suits you.

Saint Xavier’s Career Center  helped me find an internship program by sending an email blast. One of the programs they sent to Communication majors interested me, I applied, and was accepted. So, don’t underestimate the resources that college centers can offer you. Also, if your school semesters are busy, just take an internship during the summers like I did. There are a variety of paid summer internships available.

Now that you’ve read, care to join me in the journey?

-Until next time,


Service Retreats

Service trips are an inspirational, moving experience for students. SXU takes over fifty students to different areas of America to renovate homes of unfortunate families. Different locations include, Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Nazareth Farm, Bethlehem Farm and Appalachia Service Project. When I was in high school I was able to attend both Appalachia Service Project and Nazareth Farm. The retreat allowed me to meet people from around the country. Though these service retreats I was also able to gain home and construction skills. I learned how to install floorboards, cinder-block supports for a falling home and ramp construction. This was a moment to relax away from the city, school work and family. I was able to make a new family at ASP and Nazareth Farm as well as have fun helping with construction. Taking the hourly trips to each location even allowed for my fellow volunteers to grow stronger in our relationships. For me it was more of a vacation than community service. I know of many friends that went to different retreats here at SXU. “I was able to find myself spiritually. I now know where I need to be in life.” -Torie Blaser. This is a very moving opportunity. I regret now not finding enough money to go on a service retreat this semester as they also told me of how much fundraisers they were able to do. My friend Becca was able to raise money for the trip by doing weekly bake sales. Next year I will definitely do everything I can to vacation away to a service retreat.

Work it!

Hey everyone!

So I am making my way through the week anxiously waiting to get to Florida for Easter break next week! In order to do that I have been working out like a crazy person! I do not know how you deal with stress, but I deal with it through working out and getting my fitness on! It makes you feel so much better, and then if you have a little bit of sweets in the day you do not feel as bad.

I have always loved to run since I did cross-country and track in high school. Even though at times it becomes painful like shin splints, it is worth the pain to me. Some of my friends here love to work out and join me. I am always bugging everyone to join me on days I do not want to go alone! We have an awesome gym here for people to use, the Shannon Center. It has a fitness room with free weights, machines, ellipticals, stairmasters, cross trainers, and treadmills! Upstairs in the gym there is a walking/running track and a dance studio. There are free workout classes for students in the dance studio like cardio step, yoga, and zumba!


This is my friend Sam who is a senior here at Saint Xavier University. This year when I was slacking she always got me to work out! She always gave me such good motivation to workout and eat healthy! My favorite thing she taught me was to eat greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter it is such a good healthy snack! We are gym buddies and it is always nice to have someone workout with you to give you that motivation! I have said to people all year that she is basically my personal trainer! My point is to have that buddy to encourage you, have that person like Sam is to me! It will make you stay on the healthy side of college, and you will be feeling great in NO TIME!

Have a nice weekend!



Spring Break is Over!

Front Row at Hollywood Undead

Front Row at Hollywood Undead


Hey Guys! I don’t know about all of you, but I had a great extended spring break. It went by very quickly though as it always does.

To the right here is an image from a Hollywood Undead concert I attended to rap up my spring break! It was an amazing concert! I was able to get front row at the concert. This was the fourth time I saw the band and it was easily the best experience I have had at one of their concerts because of how close I was in relation to the stage! If you have never listened to Hollywood Undead, I think you should give them a try, at least their older music.

Denver Nuggets @ Phoenix Suns

Denver Nuggets @ Phoenix Suns

Saint Xavier University on the scoreboard in Arizona


As you know if you have read my previous posts, I was in Arizona for spring break! While I was there, I was able to attend a Phoenix Suns game and I had a blast! If you have never been to Arizona, I recommend that you check it out because that is one fun place to be! The Phoenix Suns arena is definitely one to check out if you are a big basketball fan.

One of the main reasons my parents and I visited Arizona was for spring training. I went to a lot of games over spring training. One of the games was the Cubs @ White Sox. At the game, they gave Saint Xavier a mention on the scoreboard and I thought that was pretty cool! Take a look for yourself.
So to wrap this up, if you ever get the chance, you should definitely take a trip to Arizona, you will not regret it!

Spring Break, Heck Yeah!

All my life I could never go on a real Spring Break because of sports. Once I started attending college, I couldn’t go because I didn’t have enough money saved up due to car payments, insurance, credit bills, school loans, etc. Now that I am a Junior in college, working 3 jobs, and am 21 years old I finally made it out on a Spring Break! I started setting aside a little money from each pay check for bills, necessities, and fun. It payed off because when this opportunity came along, I didn’t have to pass it up!

A little bit of Broadway!

A little bit of Broadway!

Where did we go? NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE! Yee Haww

It all started with a little country love. Most people correlate Spring Break with the Panama City Beach or South Padre Island. Not us! Our Paradise was right on the strip of Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee!

13 of us made the plans to get together and we jumped on a Mega Bus (cheap tickets) to Nashville on the first Friday of Spring Break. The bus ride was 10 hours! The bus rode from Chicago, through Indianapolis and Louisville, then finally into Nashville. The long ride just made us more excited to finally get there so we could finally enjoy what we had been waiting for.

Some of the group on the River Front

Some of the group on the River Front

Once we got into our hotel, we were ready to get out on the town! Every night, we went to bed late, every morning we woke up early, spent a lot of money, and made a ton of memories with our friends. We did everything from karaoke, to hot tubing, to cuddling 4 to a full sized bed. We really enjoyed the FREE continental breakfast every morning and FREE Happy Hour every late afternoon. The weather was real nice, too! On day one as we walked the strip, we had to stop in every store, bar, and facility we passed. One of my favorite parts of Nashville was that there was live music all day every day! We got to the strip and started shopping as early as 10:00a and some of the live bands were already in the middle of their first set! We were even allowed to get up on stage to sing with some of the bands! We took every change and didn’t pass up an opportunity. The walk from the River Front to our hotel was just over 2 miles. Perfect to get some exercise in on the break, as well! We did too much dancing, just enough eating, and not enough sleeping. Our 10 hour bus ride home was really quite because we all slept most of the way.

Janine is one of my best friends! I wouldn't have wanted to spend my Spring Break with anyone else!

Janine is one of my best friends! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Spring Break with anyone else!

My Grandparents live about 2 hours from Nashville, so they drove to come see me and my friends. They took one of my best friends and I out to lunch, they showed us around the city, and drove around the Opry. Just the hotel of the Opry was amazing in itself. It was great to be able to find time for each other since that part of my family only congregates about once a year. For lunch we went to Dick’s Last Resort- please take my advice and NEVER take your grandparents to a place like Dick’s. I’m fortunate enough that they found the place humorous, but I was a bit uneasy when we sat down! All-in-all our visit went very well.

On the last day of our trip, I was more than ready to come home to my dorm. I was getting tired of living out of my duffel bag. Now that I am home, I am more than ready to go back! I am already searching for great spots to visit in the future. We have to go everywhere at least once! And if we didn’t enjoy it, maybe give it another chance! I am very fortunate and satisfied in all of my heard work that allowed me to take the time off of work and reality to go on a vacation with my friends. I can’t wait to go somewhere new.

My very first Spring Break was a success. I can promise, I will be back! So, Watch Out Nashville!

Fighting “Senioritis”?


Before I came to college, I heard about the uninterested and unenthusiastic clouds that hover over students during their last semester. Now that I am in my last semester, I know that those clouds can appear during any semester, if you let them.

I know first hand how it can feel to just want to be finished! Here’s are a few tips I do to encourage myself and hopefully can someone else.

tumblr_mgyi0udgcb1ql3q7po1_500 Have a semester goal

It can be really helpful to have a goal in sight other than “just finishing”. Of course you want to be finished with the semester and enter into the next season of your life, but what goals do you have now? A goal for me is boosting my overall GPA. So, for each class I have a grade goal that will ultimately help increase my overall GPA. Having that goal helps me to stay focused and have an inspiration for the semester. Your goal could be to become better at writing papers, end better than you began, or any other class/grade specific related goals.

Have a balanced load of classes

From my experience it has been so important to take an array of classes each semester. Right now I am taking a sociology, art, math, and communication course. The two of them that are elective classes tend to be topics that I am interested in and they provide inspiration. This is harder for some majors where required courses are necessary and in the same field. However, if you can fit one class in your semester that is just for enjoyment, you will be thankful!


Surround yourself with supporters

This is something that has really helped me during college. When I am stressed or unenthusiastic about school I go to family, friends who are in college, and friends who have graduated. They usually help me put everything back into the right perspective and encourage me. It’s very helpful to talk to someone who was in my position, but has now finished and can attest to the fact that unenthusiastic feelings are natural, but you can press past them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.44.11 AM

Sometimes a break can be as simple as getting a manicure.

Take a break

Although you are in college, college is not your life. Make sure to be socially connected when/where you can be. When I can i dedicate one day during the weekend is to take a break from schoolwork and do something I enjoy. I attend conferences, hang out with friends, or something simple like get a manicure. I do those things as a treat and they usually motivate me to get back to my work with a refreshed mind.
Until next time,

-Sydney <3

Meet Some of my Friends!

Hey Cougars! I hope everyone has been doing good.. I have had a rough two weeks. These weeks I have had stuff happen that I never imagined but thankfully my family and friends were there for me. Your friends you meet in college usually will be your friends for life. I can honestly say I have met the best people here at Saint Xavier University. Without them my life would not be the same! And you are all lucky enough to meet them through my blog!


Here is my first best friend I met here at Saint Xavier University. Rachel is a fellow blogger here on Cougar Diaries as well! We were matched up as roommates back home and it was one of the best decisions ever! Rachel always is able to calm my neurotic self down and always tells me the truth. You can say that is a best friend and I love that quality in a friendship.  She is one of the hardest workers I know and always has time to fit me in her schedule.  We have remained friends throughout these three years and even work together.. which is surprising she puts up with all of my crazy antics!


What to even say about Bridget/Beesh! She is always there to make me laugh when I need to smile. I can say she is my funniest friend I have here at Saint Xavier. She is so unique in her own way and puts up with my awkwardness!  She is so dedicated in everything she does and volunteers her time more than anyone I know. She has such a great love for her family which I admire so much. I love spending time with her going out or just catching up on homework. She is so beautiful and unique in her own way. I have known her since freshman year, and I can say our friendship has grown stronger each year.


This is Paige. Paige is a year older than me and I look up to her with everything. She is so driven in school and everything she does. She is such a strong girl and always puts others first before her. We grew up in the same neighborhood back home but I was never able to meet her, even though we had tons of mutual friends. She transferred here her sophomore year and I was one of the first friends she had- lucky her right?! But seriously she has made such an impact in my life, and has made me want to live my life to the fullest. I know she is going to be so successful in her career as a nurse!


This is Cathy COUG! I was lucky enough to meet this chica last year when she was a freshman! You cannot even tell that she is just a little younger than us because of how mature she is. She is so driven and literally is always ahead in the school game. Every time she does something she ALWAYS gives it her all, which is an awesome trait to look up to. She always makes me motivated to do my best in school, and to get assignments done way before they are due! I can just sit with her and not say a word for hours while watching movies and we still are having fun together. She has so much potential and I cannot wait to see her succeed.

beth and amanda

Bethany and Amanda are both sophomores here at Saint Xavier University. I met them through being involved in Campus Ministry. These two girls I can honestly say have become my best friends in just less than a year. They are always there with me pulling all nighters or staying in on the weekend and just making jokes. They both are so unselfish and would do anything for the ones they love. We are always joking around with each other and at times when we are serious we have to remind one another. Their friendship has been such a blessing and I cannot wait to see what beautiful ladies they turn out to be!



Finally my beautiful friend Sarah- who sadly I do not have pictures with! She is my boss in Campus Ministry, but yet I would consider her an older sister. I love her more than anything and look up to her in every aspect of life. She has changed the way I think in such a short time, and I cannot wait to see what an amazing woman, wife, and mother she will turn out to be. She is my rock at Saint Xavier University, and it will be sad to see her graduate, but I know her life is just beginning!



I would love to list all of my friends here at Saint Xavier University, but I know that list will go on forever. I love all of the beautiful and amazing friends I have met here, and they are all blessings in my life. I hope everyone can meet wonderful people at their college, and Saint Xavier University is a wonderful start to being new, exciting, and beautiful relationships!

Everyone please be safe and enjoy your Spring Breaks! Until next time Cougars!


Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Hey Guys,

Will here, but right now I am not in Chicago at Saint Xavier; I am in Branson, Missouri getting ready to make the call for our school’s men’s basketball team in the first round of the NAIA National Championship tournament. The game is tonight at 9:45 p.m. This is by far the latest game I have ever called, so it should be an interesting one. I left with the team back on Monday at 8 am and was able to work it out with my teachers so that I ended up getting an extra week of spring break!

So far this trip has been pretty fun! We had a long bus ride into Missouri,

Branson, MO

Branson, MO

but luckily we were on a pretty awesome coach bus, so it was almost like an airplane on wheels. To get the team pumped up we watched a great selection of movies; The Avengers, Skyfall, Friday Night Lights, and The A-Team.

So far the team has practiced, and we have gone out to eat, but unfortunately they have not played a game yet. The first few games of the tournament have started and there have been a lot of upsets! Hopefully our school will not be one of those upsets as they find themselves a 2 seed in there bracket!

Tune in to some of the action on WXAV 88.3 fm or wxav.com tonight at 9:45 pm as we will get the tournament underway!

Before the break

Hello again!

A few more days until Spring break and my calendar is filled with events, essays and tests. It can get overwhelming knowing I have this much to do, but great at the same time. Having this busy of a schedule reminds me that I am taking full advantage of SXU and what it has to offer. In addition to three midterm tests, I have soccer intramurals planned for the week. I map everything out on my calendar and this much hard work makes finishing everything I scheduled
and relaxing on Spring break much more enjoyable. Here is what other students thought about the busy week before Spring break:

Remember That One Time, When I Studied Abroad?


Graffiti art in Seville & a happy me!

As I’m approaching Spring Break (a break that will be filled with working on projects, for me) I can’t help but to remember one of my favorite break experiences during college. It happened last Summer, when I studied abroad in Spain for three weeks!

I know that when I was contemplating studying abroad, I read various blogs and consulted with others who had studied abroad.  So, I wanted to share some of my experiences for people who are considering going abroad.

Last year, before I studied aboard, I blogged about why I think you should study abroad here and I still stick by this!


Sight seeing with my lovely group!

I went to Seville, Spain with The Center for Cross- Cultural Studies program where I also took a fast track Spanish language course. SXU’s Center for International Education was extremely helpful in getting me prepared to study abroad.

The CCS program provided me with a host mom to live with, activities, a native friend to practice speaking with, tutoring, tools to communicate, and a sense of community while I was in Spain.

I honestly felt really blessed while I was in Spain. My host mom was so kind and had wifi internet in her home (a rarity). She cooked three meals a day for me (Yes, I said 3! ) and I was completely comfortable with my living arrangements. I lived close to many shopping centers, beautiful scenery, and the building where I studied.


Ladies I captured at a parade!

When I wasn’t in classes, I enjoyed shopping, visiting museums, going to the ice cream shops on every corner, and just exploring.

Studying abroad was absolutely one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made. As much as it was a great experience, a few things did go wrong wrong while I was in Spain. I left my credit card at home in Chicago, my class was challenging for my skill level, and while I was in Spain, my foot got cut on glass and I ended up having to go to a hospital and get stitches.  However, none of those experiences compare to the good experiences that I had while in Spain and in the end everything worked out.

I wanted to share those times because things might go wrong while you are abroad, but it’s not a good reason not to go!

spainhappy I love being able to reflect back on my memories in Spain and the trip confirmed for me that traveling is something I am extremely passionate about.

If you’re contemplating studying abroad, I suggest you go! You’ll never regret being able to say, “Remember that one time, when I studied abroad?”. 

If you have any extra questions about studying abroad, feel free to ask and I would be happy to help!