Fighting “Senioritis”?


Before I came to college, I heard about the uninterested and unenthusiastic clouds that hover over students during their last semester. Now that I am in my last semester, I know that those clouds can appear during any semester, if you let them.

I know first hand how it can feel to just want to be finished! Here’s are a few tips I do to encourage myself and hopefully can someone else.

tumblr_mgyi0udgcb1ql3q7po1_500 Have a semester goal

It can be really helpful to have a goal in sight other than “just finishing”. Of course you want to be finished with the semester and enter into the next season of your life, but what goals do you have now? A goal for me is boosting my overall GPA. So, for each class I have a grade goal that will ultimately help increase my overall GPA. Having that goal helps me to stay focused and have an inspiration for the semester. Your goal could be to become better at writing papers, end better than you began, or any other class/grade specific related goals.

Have a balanced load of classes

From my experience it has been so important to take an array of classes each semester. Right now I am taking a sociology, art, math, and communication course. The two of them that are elective classes tend to be topics that I am interested in and they provide inspiration. This is harder for some majors where required courses are necessary and in the same field. However, if you can fit one class in your semester that is just for enjoyment, you will be thankful!


Surround yourself with supporters

This is something that has really helped me during college. When I am stressed or unenthusiastic about school I go to family, friends who are in college, and friends who have graduated. They usually help me put everything back into the right perspective and encourage me. It’s very helpful to talk to someone who was in my position, but has now finished and can attest to the fact that unenthusiastic feelings are natural, but you can press past them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.44.11 AM

Sometimes a break can be as simple as getting a manicure.

Take a break

Although you are in college, college is not your life. Make sure to be socially connected when/where you can be. When I can i dedicate one day during the weekend is to take a break from schoolwork and do something I enjoy. I attend conferences, hang out with friends, or something simple like get a manicure. I do those things as a treat and they usually motivate me to get back to my work with a refreshed mind.
Until next time,

-Sydney <3

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