The Freshman 15… or 25

Some people have a great metabolism, others not so much-

There is a rumor about entering college and gaining a bunch of weight, for a lot of people this is not just a rumor but it is reality. I, willingly, will tell you that I gained well over 15 pounds my freshman year of college. I couldn’t figure out where it came from, until my roommate and I sat down and told each other how disgusted we felt in ourselves. At that point, I tried to pinpoint why this tragedy was happening and I told myself I would turn my bad habits around. I never realized the differences in my lifestyle from high school to college, but they were pretty significant.

Typical me. Eating...

Typical me. Eating…

The difference between college and high school…

  • I played volleyball and softball year round in high school, I didn’t participate in either when I came to college. I went from being fully active 3-6 days a week, so sitting on my butt with my nose in an anatomy book and snacking constantly.
  • In high school, not even a water bottle was allowed outside of the cafeteria. I can bring my whole kitchen to class in college. You can find me with chips, soda, Starbucks, and chocolate EVERY DAY.
  • Gym(Physical Education) was required in high school, every day. I was even in a weight training PE class for varsity sports. In college, it turned into my responsibility to make time and effort for the gym.
  • My house is the poster child of healthy. I lived at home when I was in high school. In college, I went shopping for myself, I choose what is for dinner and what food I keep in my dorm room. With our meal plans, we can buy anything we want, and I did!
  • I found that college is more stressful than high school ever was. Between friends, work, and school I was overwhelmed. I gained some weight from the stress of college.

As I gained this unhealthy weight I started to become tired, irritable, and depressed. (But hey, I still managed to score a boyfriend!) I wasn’t myself and I knew it. My average weight is 135-140 pounds. I made it to 165 pounds my freshman year of college! So after I made the decision to get back to my normal weight and be healthy again, I was back and better than ever! I go to the gym almost everyday and I eat more consciously. Everyone thinks that they are invincible, and that the bad will never happen to them. Well think again people! Don’t fret, you can turn it around if you go down the wrong path. I’m happy to be able to share my experience with the freshman 15 (and some) so that my readers know what they are getting themselves into. I obviously am not it the same shape I was in high school, but I am definitely finally satisfied with myself again.

you’ve got a friend in me.

In college, I have found some remarkable people who I call my best friends. I have also met a bunch of people who are just okay suck. I have had roommates that cuddled with me and held me while I cried myself to sleep, and I have had roommates that made me want to bang my head off walls. Your college experience will be what you make it, so be nice to the people who surround you and they will do the same.

janine hug

Janine and I before my 21st Birthday party!

Janine (right) and I have known each other since my freshman year here at school. It wasn’t until this past summer that we became the best of friends. We literally do everything together and love each other (maybe too much!) to pieces. I can’t imagine my life without such a supportive, funny, and caring friend. I know that the relationships that I have made and are yet to make in college will stick with me for the rest of my life!

Amber fun

Amber and I before the Home Coming Football game

Amber (left) and I were placed together by chance our freshman year of College. Even though we drive each other crazy, I wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars. She knows more about me than I know about myself and we have seen more of each other than we have ever needed to. Amber is a life-long friend that I know will never let me down. Amber is someone I know I can run to even if we haven’t talked in a while.


Paige, Bridget, Catherine, and I during our Monday Night roommie time

My roommates from this past year are so fun to be around. Paige, Bridget, and Catherine (Right) are always down to have a good time and talk if I need a helping hand. We share everything and respect each others belongings. We are able to talk to each other until we fall asleep and share secrets that we know will never leave our room. We have our nights that are solely for just us where we watch out TV shows and I cook dinner.


This picture sums up the relationship that Timmy and I have

Timmy (left) was one of my first friends at Saint Xavier. Amber and I lived just a few doors down from him and we would hang out until the early light of the morning. There wasn’t a get- together or event on campus that you didn’t see us three at together. Sometimes I wish that my freshman year of college lasted forever! I know that all of my best friends here at Saint Xavier have seen the best and the worst of me. I cannot express the impact that these individuals have had on me. I have learned so much from each one of them and I believe that my friends are a lot of what makes me who I am today! Since they are still around through my mood swings and egotistical stories, I know that these friends really love me for me, and that is the best thing that I could have asked for in my college experience.