Remember That One Time, When I Studied Abroad?


Graffiti art in Seville & a happy me!

As I’m approaching Spring Break (a break that will be filled with working on projects, for me) I can’t help but to remember one of my favorite break experiences during college. It happened last Summer, when I studied abroad in Spain for three weeks!

I know that when I was contemplating studying abroad, I read various blogs and consulted with others who had studied abroad.  So, I wanted to share some of my experiences for people who are considering going abroad.

Last year, before I studied aboard, I blogged about why I think you should study abroad here and I still stick by this!


Sight seeing with my lovely group!

I went to Seville, Spain with The Center for Cross- Cultural Studies program where I also took a fast track Spanish language course. SXU’s Center for International Education was extremely helpful in getting me prepared to study abroad.

The CCS program provided me with a host mom to live with, activities, a native friend to practice speaking with, tutoring, tools to communicate, and a sense of community while I was in Spain.

I honestly felt really blessed while I was in Spain. My host mom was so kind and had wifi internet in her home (a rarity). She cooked three meals a day for me (Yes, I said 3! ) and I was completely comfortable with my living arrangements. I lived close to many shopping centers, beautiful scenery, and the building where I studied.


Ladies I captured at a parade!

When I wasn’t in classes, I enjoyed shopping, visiting museums, going to the ice cream shops on every corner, and just exploring.

Studying abroad was absolutely one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made. As much as it was a great experience, a few things did go wrong wrong while I was in Spain. I left my credit card at home in Chicago, my class was challenging for my skill level, and while I was in Spain, my foot got cut on glass and I ended up having to go to a hospital and get stitches.  However, none of those experiences compare to the good experiences that I had while in Spain and in the end everything worked out.

I wanted to share those times because things might go wrong while you are abroad, but it’s not a good reason not to go!

spainhappy I love being able to reflect back on my memories in Spain and the trip confirmed for me that traveling is something I am extremely passionate about.

If you’re contemplating studying abroad, I suggest you go! You’ll never regret being able to say, “Remember that one time, when I studied abroad?”. 

If you have any extra questions about studying abroad, feel free to ask and I would be happy to help!


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