Service Retreats

Service trips are an inspirational, moving experience for students. SXU takes over fifty students to different areas of America to renovate homes of unfortunate families. Different locations include, Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Nazareth Farm, Bethlehem Farm and Appalachia Service Project. When I was in high school I was able to attend both Appalachia Service Project and Nazareth Farm. The retreat allowed me to meet people from around the country. Though these service retreats I was also able to gain home and construction skills. I learned how to install floorboards, cinder-block supports for a falling home and ramp construction. This was a moment to relax away from the city, school work and family. I was able to make a new family at ASP and Nazareth Farm as well as have fun helping with construction. Taking the hourly trips to each location even allowed for my fellow volunteers to grow stronger in our relationships. For me it was more of a vacation than community service. I know of many friends that went to different retreats here at SXU. “I was able to find myself spiritually. I now know where I need to be in life.” -Torie Blaser. This is a very moving opportunity. I regret now not finding enough money to go on a service retreat this semester as they also told me of how much fundraisers they were able to do. My friend Becca was able to raise money for the trip by doing weekly bake sales. Next year I will┬ádefinitely do everything I can to vacation away to a service retreat.

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