Why You Should Sail an Intern”ship”

Okay, my title is a little corny, but internships aren’t!

I am currently in the process of applying for and landing an internship for the summer after I’ve graduated and hopefully a following one in the fall. While a lot of students are looking for jobs, vacations, or even enrolling to graduate schools, I’m taking a different route. I would like an opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the media industry and also further explore where I fit. During college, I’ve also had internships and would like to share some reasons why they’re so important and how having internships has helped me.

Below is a video that shares the experiences and skills of one of my most recent internships!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbe_m87I6HI&w=560&h=315]

So, why are internships so important, you ask? It’s an education in the real world. You get to put tools and knowledge you learn in the classroom to use. As an intern, you’re expected to need training and you should receive direction and guidance. However, usually your internships relate to skills you’ve already began practicing. For example, during my creative services internship, I was asked to edit video clips. I was required to use skills I learned in my video productions class. Internships also help build your resume. My current resume is filled with three different internship experiences. This makes me more competitive and eligible to apply to various opportunities.  During internships you will grow as an individual. You learn who you are in the career environment and how to overcome challenging situations. My internships helped me get over feelings of nervousness, fear, and inferiority. Internships can additionally help you find your interests. Sometimes you don’t really know what you like to do until you experience what you don’t. During internships you get to test work environments, schedules, and types of work, to help define what best suits you.

Saint Xavier’s Career Center  helped me find an internship program by sending an email blast. One of the programs they sent to Communication majors interested me, I applied, and was accepted. So, don’t underestimate the resources that college centers can offer you. Also, if your school semesters are busy, just take an internship during the summers like I did. There are a variety of paid summer internships available.

Now that you’ve read, care to join me in the journey?

-Until next time,


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