I’ve Been Enjoying…

This is a pretty busy time for me as classes are wrapping up and I’m approaching graduation.

I wanted to share through images, some of the things I’ve been enjoying!

Preparing for my Senior Seminar Presentation and finally presenting in front of faculty and friends

Preparing for my Senior Seminar Presentation and finally presenting in front of faculty and friends.

Having fun with friends attending concerts, conferences, and supporting each other!

The Spring weather!

Spring weather!

Inspirational movies and music!

Inspirational movies and music!

Appreciating my last days living on campus!

Appreciating my last days living on campus!

Having a Starbucks on campus and my fav drink being in season!

Having a Starbucks on campus and my favorite drink being in season!

Until next time!

-Sydney <3

Meet Bobby!

Everyone has that one person you can go to and I have tons of best friends in my life, but the one person I know that will always be there for me is my brother Bobby.


Bobby is a typical 19-year-old guy who loves hanging out with his friends, works, and goes to school. I can count on him for anything, and I really do not think that he knows how much he means to me.  Even though he is 14 months younger than me I look up to him, and he doesn’t even know it. Even though we fight at times, I would not trade him for the world.  He is one of the funniest people around and has a loving personality people would love to have!

Going away to school was hard for both of us. I hated not seeing him everyday or not going to school with him. We went to the same school for twelve years so that was a big adjustment. Keeping  a relationship with my brother has been one of my top priorities while being away. Being away has even made me closer to my brother and I look forward to going home to see my best friend.

No matter what- if you commute or live on campus hold onto the relationships with your family, especially your siblings. They are your life long friends, no matter what. My life would be so different and empty without Bobby, and I cannot wait to spend this summer with him!


The colors of spring

Hi audience,

So looks like there were a couple of events happening before the semester comes to an end. The president of the school hosted free food on Tuesday April 23. It was great for commuters and residents low on meal plan money. A great event upcoming is the Taste of SXU, now I have never been to this before but I have heard many great things, free food and events also great for students on a budget. The school is took students to a trampoline house for fun on a Thursday night, should be a great way to JUMP into the summer vacation attitude.

In other great news, the weather has been getting better for summer, the Color Run, which is a jog around SXU was delayed for this Wednesday. In detail, the Color Run is more than a simple jog around campus, at different stations there were students throwing color die at the runners. Lastly later today I have a gig with the guitar ensemble. I am still on tour.

Forever Friends


caitlin came to visit me in the summer of 2010

Caitlin came to visit me in the summer of 2010 (a picture off of the Bean in Chicago)

When I was younger my family moved from Chicago to Philadelphia. I made one of the best friends I will ever have during my time there, Caitlin. Just a few years later my family moved back to Chicago and I had to leave my best friend behind. Even though we are thousands of miles apart we share a bond that I can never replace! We used to write back and forth to each other and send presents, pictures, drawings, etc. One of the most heartfelt things we had sent back and forth to each other is this poem called Forever Friends. I want to share it with you so that you, too, can pass it along to one of your best friends no matter what you two may go through and experience. Whether is it together or apart, you both know that you are always together in heart!



I went to visit Cailtin in the summer of 2012 (a picture on the boardwalk in Rehobeth Beach)

Forever Friends

I’ve been thinking about you and me, and how our friendship cam eto be- how long ago that we could be forever friends. And now I look back on those days and smile at all the little ways we made the tough times seem okay, like true forever friends. At times we’d laugh so hard and then we’d catch our breath and start again. Cause having fun comes easy when you’re with forever friends. Together we’ve shared wondrous sights, like soft spring days and starlit nights. When all the world seems still and right, with my forever friend. And on those days when rain would fall and life was not much fun at all, you were always there to take my call. A true forever friend. Life’s winding roads may take us far, but if we’re apart, let each bright star remind us just how blesses we are to be forever friends. And when the stars shine down, we’ll see perhaps by fate or destiny- a friendship that was meant to be- you and me- FOREVER FRIENDS.

If you love someone, make sure to tell them. If they touch your heart in a way that no one else does, tell them just how special they are when you have the chance. Spend as much time with them while you can! (because, hey, you might move halfway across the country)

This week Saint Xavier hosted a program along with the Beverly Arts Center called Breakfast with the Experts. Breakfast with the Experts was a program that brought the program director of 670 the Score670 Mitch Rosen to talk about what it’s like to be in charge of a big time radio station. Mr. Rosen gave his insights on what it was like to be the top dog at the biggest sports radio station in Chicago and shared information on how he was able to get to the position he is currently in. During his speech, Mr. Rosen introduced one of the members of the audience who just so happened to be Ed Farmer, the play-by-play announcer of the Chicago White Sox. After the show, a couple of the media people and myself from our school went up and we were able to talk to the two of them after the speech was over. While talking with Ed, myself and another broadcaster from WXAV Brandon were told that we could come up to the broadcast booth this Sunday to see what it’s like to put on a live broadcast. Brandon and I are both broadcasters for Saint Xavier athletics, so being given this opportunity was a dream come true for us.

This specific instance is one of the reasons I am glad that I chose Saint Xavier to be the school that I wanted to further my education. Saint Xavier gives students so many opportunities to help you figure out what type of career path you want to choose and also gives you the ability to interact with people in the field just like I was able to on Tuesday with Mitch Rosen. If there is one thing that I could encourage everyone at Saint Xavier to do is to take any opportunity you get from SXU. There are so many career fairs at guest speakers on campus, everyone needs to get out there and experience them first hand!



As you all know, I graduate in a little over 2 weeks and I am more than excited! Preparing for post graduate interviews have been playing a big part of my next steps.

The more interviews that I encounter, the confident I have been becoming. So, I’m convinced it takes practice and learning from mistakes to become better at interviewing.

Throughout my college career, including this semester, I have had a handful of face-to-face interviews and phone interviews. I’d like to share a few tips that have helped me so far and have been suggested to me by mentors.

First, is to know your own skills and be able to speak confidently about who you are.

It’s also wise to research the company or organization you’re interviewing for to see if it’s the type of experience you want to have and to be able to speak about that during your interview.

I also began to practice going over interview questions and matching the job description with my own skills before my interview.

For interviews, I was advised to always dress business professionally, arrive a little early, and to bring copies of my resume.

During the interview, another tip that I follow, is always having questions to ask at the end because I’m naturally interested and it shows that.

Perfecting interviewing skills is a journey just like everything else.

Below is another resource that I found:

Until Next Time!

Job-Interviewing-Infographic1 (2)

Hello once again audience, now normally I am not one for procrastinating and working under strict pressure based on how little time I have left, but this particular essay I was driven by the power of Starbucks coffee. It was very convenient for me to live in Morris hall with a Starbucks on the first floor of our building.

Months have passed and I never entered the Starbucks because I never drink coffee, I usually eat night snacks from the Rubarbs shop. It was years of being told, “coffee is what you need to stay up!” and “I can’t wake up without my coffee.” That I decided to use it as a last resort. My psychology book even told me that caffeine in coffee is known to keep users alert, awake and focused.

The day before the essay due date came, I still procrastinated on writing it. I had a long lunch brake, I went to unnecessary club meetings and even played pool again with my friend Jose. After finally going to my dorm and realizing that sociology essay was due the next day I felt it was time for that cup o’ Joe. I drank it, and it was terribly disgusting to me. So for that reason, I had a cup of water to the side of it, so after every sip I drank some water to wash away the taste. As nasty as I thought it was, it worked incredibly. I was never that quick on the keyboard. I didn’t log onto facebook.com or netflix.com to watch movies. After drinking that coffee, it was me and the essay.

Thank goodness for the school installing a Starbucks coffee shop in one of their dormitory buildings.

I Can’t Wait For Summer!

Well guys and girls, the semester is slowly coming to an end! I can’t wait for classes to end!
This summer I have a lot of concerts to go to, so I am ready for this semester to end already.

As soon as school ends, I have a bunch of concerts lined up for this summer!The biggest concert I’m going to see is Rock On The Range May 18th in Columbus, Ohio.

The band I want to see the most is A Day To Remember. I was hoping to see them back on April 6th, but I was on the Awakenings retreat so I was unable to go. If you have never heard of Rock on the Range, take a look at the website!



The following week I’ll be going to the Cubs vs White Sox game at US Cellular field. I haven’t gone to a Crosstown Classic in a long time so I am pumped for that!


Rain.. rain.. go away..

What a miserable looking Thursday and it matches the mood I think we all might be in cause of these long nights of work or school. Just think Summer is right around the corner and so is Friday! So if you finish your homework and things early what are some things you can do on a rainy day..

1. Take a relaxing shower or bath!- Do different spa things like painting your nails/toes, deep conditioning your hair, or even giving yourself a facial!

bigstockphoto_facial_beauty_1310925-s600x6002. Catch up on movies you have been wanting to watch.

3. Take a cat nap.

4. Workout.


Even though it is not the best weather I hope you enjoy your gloomy Thursday and make the best of it!

Senior Project: Brand You 101

For this week’s blog, I’m writing about something both relevant to my current life and college students: my senior project!

Communications majors have to research, create a deliverable for, and present on a topic of their choice. I am in the final stages of preparing my speech after creating a website as my deliverable.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 4.10.57 PM

The topic I studied was Generation Yers (anyone between the ages 18-35), Personal Branding, and Online Presence.

I knew that almost every college student (and younger) I know has some type of social media profile and I learned that we can use those profiles to our advantage.

When we understand our skills and how we want to market ourselves to others and employers, we can use social networks strategically!

Employers and HR professionals are looking at social media networks when considering whom they want to hire.

So, it’s important that we present ourselves in a way that reflects are true selves and communications a consistent image.

For my projected I created a website with interesting research, interactivity, videos, and resources that gets the process started for anyone who is interested in learning more about personal branding and how to create and communicate their own effective brand via social media.

Here is the website link: http://brandyou101.wix.com/brandyou101

I will continue to share about my senior project goes!