Hello once again audience, now normally I am not one for procrastinating and working under strict pressure based on how little time I have left, but this particular essay I was driven by the power of Starbucks coffee. It was very convenient for me to live in Morris hall with a Starbucks on the first floor of our building.

Months have passed and I never entered the Starbucks because I never drink coffee, I usually eat night snacks from the Rubarbs shop. It was years of being told, “coffee is what you need to stay up!” and “I can’t wake up without my coffee.” That I decided to use it as a last resort. My psychology book even told me that caffeine in coffee is known to keep users alert, awake and focused.

The day before the essay due date came, I still procrastinated on writing it. I had a long lunch brake, I went to unnecessary club meetings and even played pool again with my friend Jose. After finally going to my dorm and realizing that sociology essay was due the next day I felt it was time for that cup o’ Joe. I drank it, and it was terribly disgusting to me. So for that reason, I had a cup of water to the side of it, so after every sip I drank some water to wash away the taste. As nasty as I thought it was, it worked incredibly. I was never that quick on the keyboard. I didn’t log onto facebook.com or netflix.com to watch movies. After drinking that coffee, it was me and the essay.

Thank goodness for the school installing a Starbucks coffee shop in one of their dormitory buildings.

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