This week Saint Xavier hosted a program along with the Beverly Arts Center called Breakfast with the Experts. Breakfast with the Experts was a program that brought the program director of 670 the Score670 Mitch Rosen to talk about what it’s like to be in charge of a big time radio station. Mr. Rosen gave his insights on what it was like to be the top dog at the biggest sports radio station in Chicago and shared information on how he was able to get to the position he is currently in. During his speech, Mr. Rosen introduced one of the members of the audience who just so happened to be Ed Farmer, the play-by-play announcer of the Chicago White Sox. After the show, a couple of the media people and myself from our school went up and we were able to talk to the two of them after the speech was over. While talking with Ed, myself and another broadcaster from WXAV Brandon were told that we could come up to the broadcast booth this Sunday to see what it’s like to put on a live broadcast. Brandon and I are both broadcasters for Saint Xavier athletics, so being given this opportunity was a dream come true for us.

This specific instance is one of the reasons I am glad that I chose Saint Xavier to be the school that I wanted to further my education. Saint Xavier gives students so many opportunities to help you figure out what type of career path you want to choose and also gives you the ability to interact with people in the field just like I was able to on Tuesday with Mitch Rosen. If there is one thing that I could encourage everyone at Saint Xavier to do is to take any opportunity you get from SXU. There are so many career fairs at guest speakers on campus, everyone needs to get out there and experience them first hand!


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