The colors of spring

Hi audience,

So looks like there were a couple of events happening before the semester comes to an end. The president of the school hosted free food on Tuesday April 23. It was great for commuters and residents low on meal plan money. A great event upcoming is the Taste of SXU, now I have never been to this before but I have heard many great things, free food and events also great for students on a budget. The school is took students to a trampoline house for fun on a Thursday night, should be a great way to JUMP into the summer vacation attitude.

In other great news, the weather has been getting better for summer, the Color Run, which is a jog around SXU was delayed for this Wednesday. In detail, the Color Run is more than a simple jog around campus, at different stations there were students throwing color die at the runners. Lastly later today I have a gig with the guitar ensemble. I am still on tour.

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