As you all know, I graduate in a little over 2 weeks and I am more than excited! Preparing for post graduate interviews have been playing a big part of my next steps.

The more interviews that I encounter, the confident I have been becoming. So, I’m convinced it takes practice and learning from mistakes to become better at interviewing.

Throughout my college career, including this semester, I have had a handful of face-to-face interviews and phone interviews. I’d like to share a few tips that have helped me so far and have been suggested to me by mentors.

First, is to know your own skills and be able to speak confidently about who you are.

It’s also wise to research the company or organization you’re interviewing for to see if it’s the type of experience you want to have and to be able to speak about that during your interview.

I also began to practice going over interview questions and matching the job description with my own skills before my interview.

For interviews, I was advised to always dress business professionally, arrive a little early, and to bring copies of my resume.

During the interview, another tip that I follow, is always having questions to ask at the end because I’m naturally interested and it shows that.

Perfecting interviewing skills is a journey just like everything else.

Below is another resource that I found:

Until Next Time!

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