Meet Bobby!

Everyone has that one person you can go to and I have tons of best friends in my life, but the one person I know that will always be there for me is my brother Bobby.


Bobby is a typical 19-year-old guy who loves hanging out with his friends, works, and goes to school. I can count on him for anything, and I really do not think that he knows how much he means to me.  Even though he is 14 months younger than me I look up to him, and he doesn’t even know it. Even though we fight at times, I would not trade him for the world.  He is one of the funniest people around and has a loving personality people would love to have!

Going away to school was hard for both of us. I hated not seeing him everyday or not going to school with him. We went to the same school for twelve years so that was a big adjustment. Keeping  a relationship with my brother has been one of my top priorities while being away. Being away has even made me closer to my brother and I look forward to going home to see my best friend.

No matter what- if you commute or live on campus hold onto the relationships with your family, especially your siblings. They are your life long friends, no matter what. My life would be so different and empty without Bobby, and I cannot wait to spend this summer with him!


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