Between Colleges

Hello there once again audience! Recently I took a trip back to my former college Harold Washington. I transferred to SXU a semester ago, after two years at HWC and one year working for FYE, a record store located one block away from HWC in downtown Chicago. After growing used to the lack of community and friendliness both at FYE and HWC it did not bother me day after day.

Eventually I transferred to SXU. I planed on going to this college since my second year of high school and attending a tour here for the first time. After the middle of my final year of high school I received an acceptance letter to SXU. Unfortunately it was more financially beneficial if I attended a more inexpensive community college for two years first.

I transferred here finally and grew used to the kindness and family this community has. I only recently realized how different it is compared to the city colleges until I took a trip back to downtown for HWC summer class registration.

Here at SXU I see my family of friends that I can approach with anything on my mind in improv club, psychology club, intramural sports or just having a lunch with buds after a simple text, “Hey meet me in the diner!”

While I was downtown I noticed how individual the students were. There was a man on headphones, another student on her cell phone. I could not find a simple group of friends in a family like social group. I also remember that was the main reason I transferred out of that school in the first place, aside from it being only a two-year school anyway.

Let’s boogie our way downtown!

Whew! The week is almost over! ONE MORE DAY! And tomorrow is formal! If some of you do not know what formal means it is a dinner/dance that the Student Activities Board ( SAB) does. And it is at the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower, the title shouldn’t have ever changed). I am super excited to go and have a break from tests and homework.

St. Xavier’s organizations and clubs put on so many different events throughout the school year. There is always something to do here whether it be going to a dance or go to “LATE NIGHT” which is a night filled with different games and activities in the Shannon Center.

Here is a picture of the Resident Housing Association’s event “Spirit Week.” This organization rocks!


I love all of the members in it and they do such a good job putting on all these successful events. Spirit Week is coming up for Residents next week! There is an event every day/night, so please look out!!

There is always something to do on campus to have fun, just look out for the fliers!!! Have a wonderful fun and safe weekend everyone!



What Day Is It?

Dear Stress...

Dear Stress…

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what day it is? Have you ever been so stressed out and worn down that you slept for like 16 hours of the day?

I have! He has! She has! They have! We all have!

A lot of the stress that college student encounter is negative stress. You broke-up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your best friend is mad at you, the cafe is closed, you gained 5 pounds, that girl you’ve had your eye on is totally not interested, your sister ruined your favorite shirt, your roommate ALWAYS has her boyfriend over, you went out instead of studying and failed… we have and will always these issues! I want to share with you some of the ways that I keep my stress levels down.

  1. Stay active- going to the gym, working out, walking, participating in intramural sports… these activities actually help you stay awake throughout the day. These activities also help you burn stress and blow off some steam that you may have built up! Staying active also helps keep you in shape!
  2. Eat all of your meals- the minute you skip a meal, your body is sooooooo mad at you. There are plenty of healthy meals that you can eat on any campus. There is also plenty of junk food that you can avoid! You and still eat your meals and keep a healthy weight, if you do it right!
  3. Hangout with your friends- sometimes you just need to take you mind off of life and go out with your friends for dinner, ice cream, or a margarita! (if you’re 21!) It’s nice to  not worry about anything for a short period of time, wiping your mind clean of all stress can also help you solve your stress. Taking a step back and looking at everything that is going on from a larger pint of view can benefit you. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us vent.
  4. Call your mom/dad/grandma/sibling- maybe you feel a bit distant from your family now that college has taken over your life. Bring them up to speed with what is going on in your life, maybe they will have the right advice for you! Again, sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us vent.
  5. Keep you body happy- if you neglect your body, it will retaliate! Fight your lack of motivation and make sure to shower, get a full night of rest, and drink plenty of water or tea!
  6. Make a list- tell yourself what you need to accomplish and prioritize it starting with what is due/what needs to be done first. Make sure to cross off what you accomplished, it feels good!
  7. Reward yourself- make sure to tell yourself you did a great job! Pat yourself on the back, go do something nice for yourself (I like getting my nails done! hehe)
  8. Make time for school- you will not pass your classes if you do not try to understand the material that the teacher is going to test you on! Some things that I do to keep my brain engaged after class hours include:

Rewriting notes
Making Flashcards
Rereading the chapter
Talking with others about your material
Re-teaching/explaining to someone the material you learned


One of the greatest weeks of the semester!

Hey Guys,

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but there is a great opportunity every semester on campus. That opportunity is the SXU retreat Awakenings. Luckily I was able to get to go on this retreat and I had a blast! Although I am not able to reveal details

Group photo from Awakenings

Group photo from Awakenings

regarding the retreat, I can tell you it’s an amazing opportunity that in my opinion you should not pass up!

I had a really good time and made a lot of new friends from Saint Xavier that I never knew before, it was a great way to build yourself up and meet some new people!

I would recommend going to anyone at SXU, you won’t regret it!

As you all know, I work for the Saint Xavier radio station WXAV 88.3 fm, I get a lot of really cool opportunities because we are in fact a radio station. Although I have been able to interview some of our men’s basketball players, I have never actually been given the opportunity to interview someone that is famous or well know. That all changed yesterday!

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity along with my friend Maloree to get to go to a concert in Joliet for the band Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil is a hard rock/metal band from Italy

Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil

who have a lot of recognition overseas. I have never been able to interview a band before, so this was quite the experience. Maloree and I were able to go on the tour bus and meet with Andrea Ferro one of the lead singers and interview him. I was not exactly nervous at first but I was pretty excited to get the opportunity that many people do not get in their lifetimes. As soon as we were on the bus, all of the little bit of nervousness went completely away with the warm greetings he gave us!

Be sure to tune into Closing Time, the radio show of Mal and I Thursday to hear the interview. It will be played sometime between 8-10 pm.

What I’ve Learned

I came across a recent picture on Tumblr and thought it would be a good topic to blog about.

In college it’s a requirement to take certain general education courses that don’t always seem as beneficial for real world application.

Even some content for major course requirements, doesn’t seem to stick.

I know I’m not the only one has wondered the statement below:


Although it’s funny, it’s true. Sometimes we wonder what we’re really learning during college and in certain classes.

As a Communication major, I’ve learned specific technical skills and strategies that are directly applicable for certain jobs like writing, video editing, and visual design.

However, in other courses, like math for example, it seems like I only really learn how to pass the class.

As soon as the class is over, I forget a lot of what I learned.

Now that I’m in my Senior year, I’m starting realize some of the things I learned in my classes weren’t always about the actual content. I’ve learned things like how to believe in myself, persistence, how to work in groups, problem solving techniques, critical thinking, patience, endurance, courage, and I’ve learned that I’m capable of learning new tasks.

All of those are important and will help me in any career that I have and I have various courses to thank for that!


Hey everyone!

I hope you have been doing good. Can you believe that we are almost done with school?! You know what that means.. SUMMER. I seriously cannot wait for the warm weather, I have had enough of this cold and crappy weather. With the weather getting nicer, I just keep thinking of everything I have planned this summer…

1. Work
I want to work both my jobs so I can keep saving up for after school plans and what am I kidding spend money on new things I probably do not need. I work at a hospital in Blue Island as a Speech Pathology Extern, it is really cool!  I also babysit for two families which I love so much, little kids are my favorite! I work in the Office of Admission as the training coordinator for the Student Ambassadors. I love both my jobs they are so awesome! Speaking of Student Ambassadors we are hiring so if you are interested current cougars- go to and the application is right up on that site! :)

2. Relaxing I cannot wait to just relax by laying out, sleeping in, swimming, hanging out with my family and friends, reading, and working out. I love all those things and they help me enjoy my summer.

3. GRE
Yup it’s that time.. To take the GRE ( the test to get into grad school). I am super nervous for it and I know I will have to take a lot of time studying for it.. A buzz kill in the summer, right ?

Thinking of these things .. Well except the studying part. is helping me get through these finals weeks of school, maybe you should try it , it could possibly help you too!!




Pay Day is my favorite day of the week! I get money AND it’s Friday. You can’t start your weekend off any better than that, right? Well, you actually have to work in order to get paid!

I have a few jobs, and I have had many in the past. I work as a customer service representative at a bowling ally, Arena Lanes. I write for the Cougar Diaries. I babysit regularly. Lastly, I am the Special Visit Coordinator for the Student Ambassador Program.


Some of my fellow Ambassadors!

From all of my decisions I have made at Saint Xavier, I know that this Program has been the best one! As a freshman, I had started off as a volunteer, where I followed the tour guides and learned from observation. Sophomore year I spent as a tour guide. As a tour guide I had a specific day and hour in which I could share my experience and show a prospective student around campus. Now that I am a junior, I am the Special Visit Coordinator of this program. Now I over see these tour guides and set up events where High Schools can bring their students to our school and visit. My partner, Amber, and I run the Open Houses and some of the larger events as well.

I would have to say that this job is the most fulfilling of opportunities that I have come across here. I get to work with some amazing people and I enjoy working in the office everyday!

Baseball is Back!!

One of my favorite times of the year is finally upon us once again! Baseball is back! This season, I decided to purchase a 14 game ticket plan for the Chicago White Sox, because it gave me the opportunity to purchase games that are normally out of my price range. I will now be attending one of the series against the Cubs at US Cellular field, which is a series I have not been able to go to in recent years, so it’s nice getting to see the Crosstown Classic once again!I’m really excited to start going to games once again! Unfortunately, Last season the final White Sox game I was going to be able to attend was called due to rain so my friends and I were unable to make it to anymore games the rest of the season… This could have been questionably the biggest game of the year for the White Sox because it was late September with few games left in the regular season. The White Sox were playing the Tigers (for those of you that

Some of my friends, Raul, Bethany, Maloree, myself, and Taylor

Some of my friends, Raul, Bethany, Maloree, myself, and Taylor

don’t know, they are their rival.)

This season, I want to be able to make it to as many games as possible! Living at Saint Xavier is going to make it possible to make it to a lot of these early April games.

Killing Time

I recently found myself, again, in the state of boredom. No tests to study for, or essays to write and not even any improv rehearsals to go to. It was an awkward time for myself simply sitting in my dorm room thinking. I came to realize there are things I do that have become so routine for me, I forgot these are what I do when I actually find free time to kill time. I was able to get laundry done, exercise at the Shannon Center. I even discovered an accessible rooftop area near the fourth floor board room, which by the way is a fancy place to get work done. A few days later I noticed a man flying a kite and remembered I love flying kites so I went home grabbed my kite and ran with it on the grass in the quad. It did not get much air. Another great way I kill time is using the Regina Hall pool table. Usually I meet up with my friend Jose at Regina Hall and wind up playing a game while we are there anyway. Being on campus and not having access to video games, TV, paintball guns and watching rock concerts around Chicago certainly opened my life up to new hobbies.

“Where Is She Now?”: Jasmine Emmons

My “Where Is She/He Now” blog series will highlight different graduates/alumni friends of SXU and what’s going on in their lives after college, so far.

Below is an interview with someone who inspired me during college and continues to inspire me afterwards, Jasmine Emmons.

jasmine grad

Jasmine at her graduation ceremony.

Q: How was it being an out-of-state student and away from family?

Jasmine: My immediate family lives in Texas. It was a challenge because I am extremely close with my family, but it made it that much more enjoyable when I got to visit.

Q: When did you graduate/ What was your major/minor?

Jasmine: I graduated in 2011. My major was Psychology with a minor in Sociology.  

Q: What clubs and leaderships roles did you have @ SXU?

Jasmine: I was the Vice-President and Choir Director of AFC, a Community Liaison for Residence Life, and a Peer Mentor for Transitions Freshman courses.

Q: What was your favorite thing/part about going to SXU?

Jasmine: My favorite part of attending SXU was the diversity.  It was always refreshing to learn about different cultures, religions, and people.


Jasmine and I at at school dinner event.

Q: How was your experience with City Year/ how did it change you?

Jasmine: City Year was such an eye opening experience.  While it took alot of time and energy, it truly taught me the value of education and service. It helped me mature my passion for inner city youth and education. 

Q: Where do you work now?

Jasmine: I work for Youth Guidance now which is an organization created to enhance the learning experience for youth in schools around Chicago. We provide tutoring, counseling, social services, and more.


Jasmine, myself, and a group of singers/students at one of our gospel concerts at SXU!

Q:What are your future plans?

Jasmine: I plan to get my master’s degree in School Counseling and work towards being the principle of a school or the head administrator of a school district.

Q:What’s the best thing you’ve learned at SXU?

Jasmine: I’ve learned that hard work does bring about results. Knowledge is 20 percent of our efforts, but the 80 percent application brings about real change.

Q: What were your favorite classes/professors @ SXU?

Jasmine: My favorite classes were Mind, Self, and Society,  Social Theory, and Perceptions. My favorite professors were Dr. Fritz and Dr. Baker.


Jasmine is confident about the big plans for her future.

Until next time,