The weekend is for work

Hi there audience,

So ever since I transferred to this school I realized that saying on campus for the weekend is terribly quiet. Not exactly something I am used, to coming from working and going to school in downtown Chicago for most of my life. I normally, like 80% of other students at this school, go home on the weekend. I head home on my normal CTA route of two different buses. This weekend I decided to remain on campus for a number of reasons. My first reason was because I noticed, while at home, I get very distracted with watching TV and playing video games with my brothers. I remained on campus to get some excess studying done. Mission accomplished, because of how incredibly quiet and empty the campus is during the weekend I was able to get more done than three days of the week. During the week, I am in class, hanging with friends, in guitar ensemble or improv, it can get tough to put school work as a priority. It is reversed here actually, fun is during the week, the weekend is for work.

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