Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone,

st xavier campusI hope that everyone’s school year is going well so far. For me personally, it is going great! I transferred from a few different schools and each school year got off to a rocky start, to say the least. However, at Saint Xavier University, it has been a smooth transition. Over at my previous schools, it seemed like that I was just another student, who rarely received the proper help that I should’ve received to get my semesters started off right. At Saint Xavier University, it is different. When I arrived to the campus for Transfer Day, the counselors actually worked with me personally and sat with me to make sure that everything for me was straightened out and that I was registered on that same day for my classes.

The financial aid office, which is usually the worst department everyone wants to go to, was easy and only took me a few minutes out of my day to go over my finances and see how I could afford everything for the school year. I am very grateful of that, seeing at previous universities, it took me until the middle of November to get everything straightened out, which means I had to run around everywhere to get my books for my classes, which stinks! However, this semester, I have gotten my books and I am not behind in any of my classes.

So far the students and teachers are genuinely good people. Everyone stops and says hello and asks how your day is going. This, to me, is very rare to have that around, but is very refreshing. The teachers speak and are more than willing to stay after class and come before class to help you with any problems that you are having in the classes or if you just want to talk about anything, which is also refreshing.

It seems like to me that I have made the right decision to come to Saint Xavier University, as they have welcomed me to their school with opened arms!

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