Saint Xavier University Experience!

st xavier campus

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great and responsible weekend!

Over at Saint Xavier University, it is just a calm, smooth and easy environment to be at. Just last week, I went to my counselors office to register for my classes for the upcoming semester. I was really dreading the meeting and I even rescheduled my meeting, just because of past instances, where I went to my counselor and they did not want to help me and just told me to register for any class just so that I can continue to go full-time. I met with my counselor last Wednesday and it went ten times better than what I expected!

My counselor sat down with me and really went over all the classes that I need to take and that I should take to graduate in Spring of 2015. Hearing my counselor say that I am on pace to graduate on time, also made the meeting worth while. She explained to me the classes that I needed and went over with me all the types of classes that I can take to fulfill the requirements. The meeting only lasted 10-15 minutes, but that was all that was needed. She helped me out tremendously and that I am truly thankful for!

This is the type of atmosphere that happens at Saint Xavier University! Teachers, students and counselors, who are more than willing to help you out whenever you need it. As I’ve stated before, I transferred from a couple of other schools and I was left out on an island all by myself to try and figure out what I needed to graduate and what classes I should take. It was extremely frustrating, especially when you spend so much money to take a class that you don’t need whatsoever.

It has been a great and humbling surprise that we have people with great personalities and willing to help at the university. Especially with this being my first semester at the university, people from counselors, to teachers, to students have helped me out a long way and I am appreciative of that. They do not have to take the time to help me make the transition, but they have. Saint Xavier University is a great university and everyone should be a part of this great experience!

Beat the Winter Workout Blues!

Days are getting shorter, the temperature is quickly dropping, and people are breaking out their winter coats and gloves. This can only mean one thing: WINTER IS COMING!!! Okay, so I know the trees still have their leaves and Halloween didn’t even happen yet…but winter is right around the corner. I know some people absolutely love this season because of the cold weather and the holiday season, but I do not. I dislike winter with every fiber of my being because it means I get super lazy. The cold weather makes me want to snuggle under my covers and never leave my bed. I want to avoid people and homework and productivity at all costs and just sleep for hours and hours.


And for me, this is bad. As you all have read about, I really have a passion for fitness and being healthy. I work out six times a week not only to stay fit, but because it helps me relieve stress and have some time for myself. But once cold weather hits, I find extremely difficult to get myself outta bed, off the struggle bus, and into the Shannon Center. And I know a lot of people feel the same exact way.


One way to beat the cold weather workout blues is to have some really kick butt music to get you excited to hit the gym. Which is why I’m making you all a playlist of songs that I blast when I’m in the Shann! These are designed to get you motivated, keep you focused, and force you to stay active these next few months. (You’re welcome)


Now is a great song to kick off that work out and get you pumped!

Now is a great song to kick off that work out and get you pumped!

Now – Paramore

Right Back At It Again – A Day to Remember

Still Swingin’ – Papa Roach

Bonfire – Knife Party

Tom Ford – Jay – Z

Taylor Hawkins drum work in the beginning is enough to get my legs moving and my arms pumpin' whenever I'm running.

Taylor Hawkins drum work in the beginning is enough to get my legs moving and my arms pumpin’ whenever I’m running.

My Hero – Foo Fighters

Promises – Nero (Skrillex Remix)

Bleepin’ Problems -A$AP Rocky

Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin

Been listening to this song since I was in the 7th grade and is STILL hasn't gotten old. A great workout jam!

Been listening to this song since I was in the 7th grade and is STILL hasn’t gotten old. A great workout jam!

Lights and Sounds – Yellowcard

Lost in the Echo – Linkin Park

Month of May – Arcade Fire


And because everyone needs a cool down:

Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

Hurricane – MS MR

Really you can listen to this anytime, or anywhere. It's also a great song to study to!

Really you can listen to this anytime, or anywhere. It’s also a great song to study to!

Young Blood – The Naked and Famous

All These Things I’ve Done – The Killers

Only the Young – Brandon Flowers


Now, even if you don’t like any of these songs, the point of this post is to show you that sometimes all we need is a little motivation. Especially when it comes to working out during the colder months! So pick music you enjoy, and head the gym. Because on the plus side, once you’re done, you can go back to bed and sleep the rest of the day away. Just make sure you shower first!


Until next time!


Okay, so don’t judge me, but I got a D in one of my classes for midterms. Though I’d like to say it purely motivated me that much more to work hard, which it did somewhat,  I was mainly just discouraged and down on myself. Thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough for college’ and ‘I shoulda just dropped that class like I had an initial urge to at the beginning of the semester’ played through my mind continuously. All my friends realized my decline in dedication and determination and talked me up with sentiments like ‘it’s just midterms’, ‘isn’t that your class that just takes quiz grades’, and ‘Danielle, one D doesn’t make you dumb’ to cheer me up; and it did, to some extent.

In reality, having this initial reaction and mindset due to my midterm grade only hindered me. This past Tuesday we had another quiz. I started studying 3 days in advance this time and it really paid off. I got an A on the exam and discovered I now have a B; My worrying was pointless. It harmed more than it helped. At the end of the day, no matter what situation your in, if you want to get out of it, all you have to do is change your behavior. That’s what I did and I now have 3 A’s and 3 B’s, and I’m feeling awesome about my standing and like I have a refreshed view of my education.

I hope that all you beautiful people aren’t stressing too much and enjoying the Fall season as much as I am! I’m going down town in a bit, ‘til next time.

Fun Events For Everyone!

Midterms are finally over and done with!

Midterms are finally over and done with!

Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a great weekend and were successful during midterms week. Now that midterms are finally over with, we can all relax and get back to enjoying our lives for a while. Since Halloween is quickly approaching, there are tons of events and festivities to get involved in for everyone of all ages. Chicago is always a spectacle for events like Halloween and this year will not be any different!


One of the major Halloween attractions.

One of the major Halloween attractions.

One Halloween event that is sure to bring the people in is The Fear Haunted House at Navy Pier in Chicago. Of course it’s taking place at Navy Pier and it is an adult-themed haunted-house experience. The adventure is described as a captain capturing several creepy prisoners such as a werewolf, a creepy clown, along with vampires, monsters and a host of others. You get to walk through the haunted house and take in all of the horror and prisoners that are inside. The tickets cost $12-$20 dollars. The event takes place from October 24 at 7 p.m., until October 30. You can also go online to check out some more dates and times as well. It you and your stomach are not up for the horror, you can also enjoy the lights on version of the event taking place on certain weekend days.


Entertainment for the family as a whole.

Entertainment for the family as a whole.

If you want something that the whole family can enjoy and you’re interested in theatre, then the Click, Clack, Boo! A Tricky Treat Halloween play might be for you. This event is priced at $15 a ticket and you have plenty of time to get tickets for this event. The event takes place from October 24 at 11 a.m. until November 24. The play is about how various animals are in trouble because Farmer Brown will not allow them to celebrate Halloween. This event is surely something that the whole family, especially the children, will really enjoy.


Massacre 3D Factory

Massacre 3D Factory

This event takes place in Naperville, IL. This is called the Massacre Haunted House and 3D Factory. This event cost $20-$35 and it allows groups up to 6-7 people each. You get to travel through 35 haunting and frightening rooms in the building, plus you also have the option to view the attraction in 3D for an additional cost. The event takes place from October 24 at 7 p.m. until November 2. Sure to be a lot of fun for everyone!


Sonny Acres

Sonny Acres

If you’re not up to spending that much money for an event, then Sonny Acres will be open from October 25 at 7 p.m. until October 27. It’s only $5 and it’s open to people from 12 years and up. You have the opportunity to go inside the haunted barn and gain some Halloween spirit.



The old fashion way!

The old fashion way!

If none of those excite you, then there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia. Trick or treating is still a viable option for people and dressing up as well, although it wouldn’t be the best option for an adult. There will surely be parties to celebrate Halloween as well. So, there are plenty of options out there, especially in Chicago, as always!



SXU Gives Back

Ever since I can remember, serving the needs of others has been something that is of great importance in my life. I’m not sure why, but I have always had this huge sense of empathy for others. Even when I was young, I could always put myself in someone else’s situation and feel what they were feeling. I am very blessed to have this attribute because it gives me the opportunity to connect more with people, even if the things we deal with are not very similar. And I believe that because of my empathy for others, I will always feel called to do service for the less fortunate.

As I have stated in earlier blogs, Saint Xavier has eight core values that this school bases its mission upon.  They are Respect, Excellence, Diversity, Compassion, Hospitality, Integrity, Learning for Life, and Service. Obviously you can more than likely guess which one is my favorite…..respect! Justtttt kidding, it’s service! All joking aside though, finding a school that placed service at the forefront of its values was something that meant a lot to me. And it is because of SXU and all the service for the less fortunate that I have done that I am who I am today.


Glenmary group from SXU.

Every year, Campus Ministry sponsors Spring Break Service Trips to various service sites around the US. When I heard about this opportunity, I immediately signed up. I had only done service on a smaller level, but going out of state and serving others really intrigued me. My first year, I was randomly assigned to volunteer at Glenmary Farm in Vanceburg, Kentucky. It was at this farm that I not only bonded with twenty other SXU students and faculty, but also started the process of loving and accepting myself. It was through working in a food pantry, spending time with the elderly in a nursing home, and being away from all the craziness of everyday life that I began to reflect upon who I was. I’vealways struggled with perfection; wanting the perfect life, grades, and body. But Glenmary Farm showed me that I have so much to be thankful for, and if my life isn’t perfect, oh well! Life isn’t about getting everything you want, but accepting and loving what you have.

Me and Wild Woman in good ole KY!

Me and Wild Woman in good ole KY!



Working on Leotis' wheelchair ramp!

Working on Leotis’ wheelchair ramp!

My sophomore year, I went on yet another trip to Jerusalem Farm in Kansas City, Missouri. The group of SXU students and staff we went with was smaller, but the experience was just as rewarding. We worked on a wheelchair ramp for a man named Leotis, learned more about and advocated for composting, did lots of physical labor, and cooked/ate lots of delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. Just as I learned a valuable lesson at Glenmary, I did so as well at Jerusalem. Even though I’ve attended Catholic schooling my whole life, I’ve never really believed in any higher power…until this trip. I gained a sense of spirituality and created a sense of who I believe that God is. It doesn’t matter if what I believe follows a certain religion, or if it’s what society says I should think…it’s about you and what you need in your life.


The Don Boscos!


Even if you don’t want to attend a week long service trip, there are tons of other ways to serve others. You can donate old shoes in the Share Your Soles containers here, join the service club, or talk with Campus Ministry about their weekly service opportunities.  I promise you, if you’re looking to do something outside of your comfort zone, immersing yourself in service is the way to go. Plus, it shows you just how truly beautiful humanity and life really are.

Peace and Love,



“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” –MLK.

Hearts full of love, and a lives fulfilled through service.

Hearts full of grace, souls full of love, and lives fulfilled through service.


I got all the syrup!

imagesWhen I first came to Saint Xavier, I never ate breakfast. I’d always been told, as I’m sure we all were, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” However, a combination of a) fear of the Freshmen 15 and b) waking up 15 minutes before classes start kept me from starting my day off with fresh nutrients for fuel. I started eating breakfast here about two weeks ago and here is what I discovered:

  1. Make plans and go with a friend. Chances are, there are a decent amount of people you know that would also enjoy kick-starting their day with some brain food. So, ask around, make plans the day before for where you should meet and at what time. You’ll get to start off with socialization, a smile, and a full tummy! You’re morning professor will thank you!
  2. Go 30 minutes after you wake up. Preferably. I used to wake up, go to class and then after class go get breakfast. However, doing some research, I realized experts suggest that eating within 30 minutes of waking up jump starts your metabolism the most.
  3. Switch it up. Here at Saint Xavier we have a decent amount of options, so take advantage of them! One of the most yummy delicacies we have here at SXU in regards to breakfast are the Starbucks breakfast images-1sandwiches and wraps! The diner also has breakfast every morning consisting of omelets, eggs, french toast, pancakes, waffles and sausage and bacon. To top it off you can always get a breakfast sub from Subway at the Shannon Center.

Though in college it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things, maintaining good health and practices will keep you on your toes and on an internal schedule that will become natural.

Take care of your beautiful selves and rejoice in the fact that midterms are almost done! AND EAT BREAKFAST :p

‘Til next week.


Ahh…Midterms.  The papers meant to cause you much stress and torment about 2 months before your finals cause you even more stress and torment, but never fear!  No, on second thought, fear, fear with every scary bone in your body. The Midterms are Here!

The Horror!

Although, midterms are a great way to prove your prowess in class as well as show your Midterms-3professor that you are truly a bright intellectual, or, if you’re like me, it’s a time of regretting not paying more attention in class and studying all the material at the last minute.  Good times.  Luckily, we are not alone in this war of valor and procrastination.  Professors understand that midterms and finals are some of the hardest academic times in a student’s career, so if you are terrified of exams as much as I am, it’s best if you take and cherish the help they provide to you, such as study guides and access to previous lectures.  Even if you aren’t sure as to what to study, your professor should be willing to help point you in the right direction.

Listen to the picture.

Listen to the picture.

Finally, the midterms are done, your coffee reserves are depleted, and your brain is dealing with the after effects of exploding from an information quantity overload.  Now, all you have to do is deal with the slightly not so stressful homework and class projects due the following week, but don’t worry there is plenty more that SXU provides than stressful assignments and we will discuss what those things are next time.  Good luck readers and until next time, enjoy life.


Campus Life

Saint Xavier University Campus

Saint Xavier University Campus

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! At Saint Xavier University, there are plenty of different fun activities for you to do and to get involved in! For instance this week, there are many events that are going on that people can have fun at, and it’s for everyone. There are  Free Tuesday Trivia Nights on the campus. Trivia nights are where you enjoy good food, entertainment and you can also win some prizes as well. It is from 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday’s. It is located at the Gilhooley’s Grande Salon.

There are also events held on the campus for you to network with different people and for to gain some kind of competitive edge. Some of these events are being held this week. Such as, the Networking Workshop being held today at 2 p.m. in the Career Service Conference Room. No worries, if you can’t make that event, than there’s another on being held at 11 a.m.

There will also be a Karaoke Contest at the Gilhooley’s Grande Saloon on Thursday from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. The event is free and is open to the public as well. You can perform alone, perform as a group and backup dancers and singers are welcome to the event as well. This is event should be fun for all!

Like always, there are ton of fun, meaningful and exciting events to take in on the campus! Not only are these events a way for you to meet people who attend your school, but these events are also ways for you to figure out ways to gain employment and a competitive edge.


Midterms have arrived…

“OMG, I’m sooooo stressed.”

“I can’t take all of this work.”

“Can I just drop out of school already?”

“What the heck am I even doing with my life???”


How I feel right now.

How I feel right now…


These statements, plus a BUNCH of other less blog appropriate phrases, have been frequenting my vocabulary for the past week. Midterms are in full swing here at SXU and every student is feeling the pressure and stress. No one is safe! Everyone I talk to seems to be just as overwhelmed as I am, but you really can’t blame us….midterms suck. For anyone that doesn’t know what midterms are, let me explain them to you as best as I can in college student terms.



noun, plural: midterms

1. Either an exam, presentation, or paper that professors use to extensively assess students’ knowledge of subject matter in their classes. Usually all of your professors cram these lovely assignments in to the span of one or two weeks, at the same time as all your other classes.

2. Either an exam, presentation, or paper that will make you question your smarts, why you’re even in college in the first place, and your sanity. They also may cause insomnia, lack or increase of appetite, ulcers, migraines, and increased procrastination.

Okay, so I’m being a little over dramatic. Midterms are bad, but not unconquerable. Yes, you have like five or six subjects all begging your complete and undivided attention with whatever work your teacher has assigned…but you can make it. And I’m here to give you some advice on how to do that!



First off, BREATHE. No, seriously. Breathe. Take a deep and cleansing breath in through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth. Now do this again, and again, until you feel yourself calming down. Maybe it’s just because I’ve really gotten into yoga recently, but deep breathing really helps me to relax.



Next, REALIZE that you cannot be perfect. Unless you’re a robot, you will make mistakes and get a bad grade here or there. You don’t have to study for hours and hours if you don’t feel like it, sometimes it’s more worth it to take the B than to make yourself crazy for the A. Putting less pressure on yourself actually helps you perform better! (Unless you’re one of those crazy people that actually thrive under pressure…then you can keep doing what you do).


FRIENDS is a great stress reducing show!

FRIENDS is a great stress reducing show!

DO things that you love. Work out, watch reruns of Friends, write poetry, read books…this  is what will keep you sane. Allow yourself a break from studying and just enjoy life.


study room

JOIN study groups. This will help you find people who can support and encourage you, and vice versa. Supporting one another through midterms is key to surviving the stress!


The library is suuuuch a good place to get work done in. Nice and quiet without any distractions.

The library is suuuuch a good place to get work done in. Nice and quiet without any distractions.

USE your resources. Go to the learning center, work on midterms in the library, talk to counseling services. Departments within the university are here to help!


Yes, I know this is picture is cheesy...don't judge.

Yes, I know this is picture is cheesy…don’t judge.



Midterms may be one of the suckiest parts of the college experience, but I always realize that it’s one small aspect of the whole time I will spend at SXU. There are so many bigger and better things that will outweigh all the stress you feel about midterms and I hope that thought is enough to help you make it through.

Good luck to everyone out there! And I’ll see you in a week!

We got friends and you got friends

Within life I have met all different kinds of people. I have not been able to get over how amazed and grateful I am for the individualism of each and everyone of the people I have gotten to know. As humans social interactions

Me and my peeps from back home embracing the winter:)

Me and my peeps from back home embracing the winter:)

are a main element that keep us satisfied and fulfilled.  I have found that whether social interactions are positive or negative, they have instrumental lessons that you can learn about life. Before college, I will say I have had 5 instrumental people that can be nothing other than my best friends. A life long friend of mine who has helped me explore my beliefs and personal code is Deena Delgingaro- she I would say is my truest friend. Then gained in elementary school was Rachel Roseberry. With whom I first started pushing the limits with.

Then in middle school I connected with Katie Mullan and Lydia Auch. Katie and I helped each other maintain our weirdness and realize it is acceptable as long as you accept it. Lydia helped me be more analytical and conscious about who I was as a human being. High school was a big shift, and it was also where Andie Huml joined my group of friends. Andie and I went together very well. We amplified each others’ outgoing, creative sides while always having each others’ backs.

Being separated from all my friends and family has been hard because they mean so much to me. However, here in Regina I am starting to find myself growing exponentially with the friends I have made. Living on

Me and Amanda, one of my closest friend at SXU!

Me and Amanda, one of my closest friend at SXU!

your own and in a dorm is a giant leap in responsibility and will push you in ways you’ve never been pushed before. Making friends with people in the dorms was something I knew was going to be pretty simple because I am a social individual. However, my relationships and connections with multiple people have grown so much already. I can tell that there will be some life long memories, lessons, and friends that happen here.


‘Til next week!