Last night was halloween- and man was it fun! Though it was rainy, which really bummed me out because I wanted to go trick or treating, my friends and I still dressed up and enjoyed the holiday. I ended up being a bird and my favorite costume that I saw was the green monster Mike from Monsters Inc. St Xavier hosted a halloween party in the Andrew Center for all of us students and between the DJ and free pizza, it was the most successful and fun event thus far hosted by St Xaves! This holiday, more so than any other, makes me remember one thing: How much I love being a kid.


And yes, please notice the present tense of that statement. Getting dressed up on halloween and seeing my friends dressed up gives me giddy sensation that is so innocent it reminds me that childhood isn’t dead. Halloween gives me an excuse to wear the irregular, the imaginative, the questionable combinations that I would never wear anymore; but when I was a child, I had no fear. I don’t think it was a lack of fear, more so a lack of fashion sense, but none the less I was more free as a child.

Another thing that made me appreciate the child in me was how disappointed I was that I didn’t get to go trick or treating. I’ve legitimately gone every year except for this year. There’s just something about running around with my friends in costumes giggling, knocking on strangers doors, and getting free candy that makes my year. My Sophomore year my friends and I started donating the majority of our candy to our local hospital’s program so kids who couldn’t trick or treat got candy too… and candy makes you fat:p

Anyway, Halloween is awesome, dressing up in costumes is awesome, and so is childhood!!!

’til next time!

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