Hello Everyone!

war veterans  Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great Veteran’s Day weekend. No words can express just how much gratitude we all have for the people, who put their lives on to represent our country. You all are truly appreciated. I, personally, have a few veterans in my family as well. I can only imagine the stress and pain that the veterans go through only a daily basis. So, once again, words cannot express the gratitude we have for them, by putting their lives on the line for us and our country!


sxu logo   I cannot say enough about the great decision that I made by coming to Saint Xavier University! From the people that I’ve met in my short time of being here, to have it is operated, it truly is great to come to class. It’s nice and smooth every time I come and that is the best feeling of all. Not to mention that there’s ton of events, clubs and etc. to get involved in. Just go on the schools website and look up campus events. It something for everyone to enjoy. You get to meet people and build connections that you might need later on down the road. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of that great opportunity. You can also get a workout in the Shannon Center as well as getting yourself something to eat. Saint Xavier University allows you to gain the full college experience!

ice rink    Not to mention, since the university is located in Chicago, there’s always something to do! Downtown is just minutes away and there’s always something to do downtown, no matter the weather. On November 15th, the ice rink at Millennium Park. The last day that it’ll be open is on March 9th. They will offer skating rentals for $10 and the hours vary day to day, so you can check their website to see what the hours are. Always something fun and great to do in Chicago, no matter the season!


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