Media Services

On campus we have a department that loans students electronic supplies such as cameras and laptops.  The equipment are always the latest electonic equipment on market (which probably means they’re pretty expensive, so I suggest not breaking them…just a suggestion).

If a student is in a video/audio production class, then that student is allowed to rent a production kit which provides a professional use camera, 3 varieties of microphones, and a tripod in order to produce professional videos (or at least make it look professional so we feel better about crappy plots for our stories.  How can they notice I play 5 different characters if they’re to distracted by the High def picture).

I was going to film a lake once.  I choose to be lazy instead and film my dog.

I was going to film a lake once. I choose to be lazy instead and film my dog.

There are many staff members involved in the department.  When renting equipment, students will usually interact with one of the several student workers who will provide them with their requested equipment.  Although, when dealing with media services, there are two staff members students may get a chance to associate with on a regular basis to discuss renting procedures, missing equipment, instructions on electronic uses, and other needs or preferences.

Joshua Van Tuyl is the department’s associate director.  He is usually found in the student lounge area where media services can be located in order to answer any questions students or workers may have about equipment.  He also deals with procedure errors, missing equipment, or problems regarding late rentals, explains why him and I already recognize each other on a first name basis .

This is josh. There are many other joshs like him but this one is ours.

This is josh. There are many other Joshes like him but this one is ours.

Joe Verble is the department’s technical support manager which basically translates to the “fix-it guy.”  Just in case you couldn’t tell by the name, he fixes electronic equipment on campus.  If your computer is slow, got the blue screen of death, exploding, electrocuting all personnel within 5 ft radius, then he’s your guy.

Not so average Joe

Not so average Joe

Be sure to take a stop by media services for all of your electronic needs, and until next readers, enjoy life.

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