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My apologies for not posting last week, or on Halloween day…or even about Halloween!!!  Ugh, so many apologies but, rest assured there will be talk of Halloween next week.  SXU hosted a little Halloween bash on the 31st and I will let you know all about that next week.  Although, this week, in light of my need for apologies due to non-existent and late postings , I think now would be a good time to talk about time management.

First off, let me be clear, I am not an expert on time management, or even good at it, or even do it regularty, but, regardless of my bad choices, its very important to insure that you don’t have loads of assignments, responsibilities and other due dates piling up on you. Regardless of whether you are in high school, college, or even a working citizen, time management and prioritization is a necessity to achieve success.  In which case, ask your self

“Say self”

“Yes, self?”

“What should I be doing right now?”

“My guess is playing videogames, eating all the foods, and flirting with the new starbucks server.”

“No! Bad self, Bad!”

We are in school, in which case school work should probably take priority.  Of course there are a few serious cases where you may be hindered from this priority.  Please do not try to do your homework if there is searing pain coursing through your body, you should really get that checked out.

Work is also a top priority because Work=Money and money is good.  Same with the school work, if there is searing pain, please see doctor first.

Oh money, how I love thee.

Oh money, how I love thee.

Afterwards, once all the school and work is done then of course comes the miscellaneous responsibilities that may or may not be unique to us, these usually should be attended to after school and Work is done but there are just some responsibilities that just won’t go away until it gets your full attention, prepare adequately for this.

You never know when you got to deal with a roaming triceratops. Be prepared.

You never know when you got to deal with a roaming triceratops. Be prepared.

Make sure your time is appropriately adjusted so that all of the top priorities are handled before you decide to play videogames, eat all the foods, and flirt with Starbucks employees. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of grief.  Until next readers, enjoy life.

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