Down to the wire

I have so many mixed feelings going into finals week! Most of my classes i’m astatic about. Only one test on Tuesday– that being the only actual class period I actually have to go to; Only have one class that I have to really worry about not getting an A in. Things are going great! It scares me though, this semester went by so fast… it’s making me question my dedication and how I can get the most of this experience. I really didn’t expect to love St. Xavier so much!

Everyone here is respectful. I can leave the lobby to go smoke and wander around for an hour and come back and not have worried at all about my laptop

SXU Christmas party!

SXU Christmas party!

and backpack– only in the Reg (Regina) though. The environment of the staff and students just allow me to feel so comfortable and accepted here. Even the cleaning staff and desk students, almost everybody is just fun. It’s funny the variety of people that come together at a college. You see all these people from all different walks of life and you feel a sense of community. Everybody that picked SXU picked it because it’s small, offered them good money, was close to home, wants to be a nurse, and like a billion other reasons and it’s cool.

You just sort of gravitate to people. I’m definitely happy that I didn’t make some friend and stick myself there definitely. I’m friends more so with individuals and so I have a variety of all different types of people in my life and it’s great! The smallness of the school is a huge asset in my eyes. I knew if I picked a big school i’d be more likely to party to much and study to little. Here, you feel like a family. Everybody is studying and hanging out in the lobby all the time and there’s no unfamiliar faces. I am excited for break cause it’s break, but at the same time i’m sad. I kind of feel like I should be spending the holiday here. I want to see all these beautiful people that I see daily and bond with them over Christmas trees, egg nog, and presents.


Anyway, back to the books!

Keep warm:)

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