End of The Semester Is Here!!

chicago weatherHello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend as this is the final week of the Fall Semester. It is terribly cold outside, which I am sure makes you want to just stay in, but now we are in the home-stretch. Which also means that we are in the midst of finals week as well!


final examsI hope that everyone does extremely well on there finals this week! Finals is a very trying and tiring week for everyone. Stay up late all of the time, making sure that you can remember every ounce of information that your teacher put in the study guide. A little bit of doubt creeping into your mind of what happens. A little bit of advice for everyone, is just to stay calm. If you put in the consistent effort of studying your material, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t let any kind of doubt creep inside of your mind. Just keep telling yourself that you have these exams in the bag and nothing will get in your way from acing these finals that you are taking. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you just instilling in yourself the confidence that you need, than trust me, everything will work out for the best for you!


seinfeldAfter the finals week is over, I’m sure that everyone is going to want to go out somewhere and celebrate! Chicago, more specially downtown, has endless events going on this weekend. For example, legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be performing this weekend. His jokes on everyday life experiences are always hilarious. If he stand-up is anything like his hit television show, which I’m sure they are, than the people are in attendance are in for a treat for sure!


mrs carter tourThe great Beyoncé will also be performing this weekend in on Saturday in Chicago as well! She always gives a 100% in all of her performances and I am sure that this performance will be no different. I am also sure that she will have a few surprises up her sleeve for the audience as well. Maybe, just maybe there will be a Jay Z sitting.

christmas carolIf you are into theatre performances, not to worry, Chicago has that going on this weekend as well. A Christmas Carol will be performing all this weekend. The movie is a really good and entertaining movie and the theatre version seems to be just as entertaining. Something that the whole family can enjoy.

nelson mandelaLast, but certainly not least, a great leader passed away Thursday of last week. Nelson Mandela was not only a great man, but a great leader as well, who exemplified what people should strive for! He made a huge impact, not only in South Africa, but all around the world!  Just imagine what he could’ve done if he wasn’t in jail fighting for equal rights. I hope that his accomplishments and what he fought so hard for doesn’t go in vain. I hope that we all truly learn how to get along with one another and not to focus on gender, race, etc.


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