Back in the swing of things!

Being back to school, getting my work done, and balancing my social life is really a mission and something I have been putting thought into lately. This semester, I’m taking 18 credit hours and currently loving all of my classes. However, I’m involved in school activities as well as programs, so it has really been busy for me lately! We have an improv show next Tuesday at 9:16; this is really like the first show I’m involved in helping organize and I’m going to be in the video and in a few games in the show- I’m kind of nervous!

I used to be on the debate team in high school- semi-finalist 3 years and captainship☺- and I honestly miss it. The competition and level of intelligence really got me going, along with performing in front of people to persuade them. Improv is kinda like debate. I mean, it really takes a lot of effort and cunningness in order to keep a scene going with separate individuals while making it something entertaining. We’re bringing back some Alumni guys who I guess used to pack the theatre so it’ll be a good learning experience to practice and be in a show with them.

Along with that, I was asked this week to host an open-mic night and perform with my friend Marvin. We’re doing it this up coming week on Thursday and there are about 40 people that said they will or might come on the Facebook invite; I don’t have experience singing by myself like this. I’ve been in Chorus, had solos, and been lead roles in musicals but this is going to be more different- it’s going to be more personable. I’m staying positive about it though and practicing hard!

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