Great Events for Everyone to Enjoy!


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great and warm weekend! I’m sure that we all are in agreement that we cannot wait until the Summertime, or at least Spring! It is extremely cold outside and yesterday my hands turned nearly purple because of how cold it was, and I had on gloves, thick gloves at that! One more day, which is today of below freezing temperatures and than the 20′s hit. I’ve never been so happy to see temperature hit 20 degrees in my life, which is an indication of just how cold it is. I hope that everyone stays warm outside and don’t go outside unless you absolutely have to. I especially worry about the homeless and I hope that they have some type of shelter from this crazy weather.


Over at Saint Xavier University, some interesting events will be taking place that caught my eye! One event that will be happening this week is an event called, “Small School, Big Vision: A Remarkable Story.” This event will be held in the Warde Academic Center Building. Robert McClory will come to the school today at 11am and again at 6:30pm to talk about the how a segregated Catholic high school from 1940 until 1968 beats the odds stacked up against them and produced many different leaders, from business, politicians and leaders in government and medicine as well. It should be an interesting event and one that everyone should come out and support!

If you’re looking for laughs, the Improv Club will be hosting their first event of the semester on Wednesday at 9:15pm. This will be held in the Warde Academic Center Building in McGuire Hall. They’re known for their extreme sense of humor and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the laughs and taking your mind off of anything that might be bothering you or your classes! Like always, Saint Xavier University has a host of events that everyone can be a part of!


This weekend, this will be a ton of events going on in Chicago, but no event probably bigger than the Super Bowl! There will be tons of parties going on for the event and many establishments will be doing something to bring in the event in a major way. The two teams in the Super Bowl are the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Seattle’s great defense against Denver’s high-powered offense should be a great game that everyone can get into. Not to mention the commercials that are just as exciting and anticipated as much as the game itself. This should be a good weekend for everyone and not to mention that the temperatures will be above freezing for us! I hope that everyone has  a great week and weekend!



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