Great Experience at SXU!

1  I cannot stress enough how great my experience has been at Saint Xavier University since day one! I was a transfer student coming in the school this past Fall Semester. I was nervous and a little bit worried because of my past experiences with schools. At my last school, I never received the help that I needed for registering for classes and I just felt lost. At SXU, however, I felt like an individual. People actually took the time to help me. Not to mention how easy the financial aid process is. I can’t begin to say how satisfying it is for me that people check on me all the time to see how my transition is going. It is a wonderful feeling and atmosphere at Saint Xavier University.

2     The classes are a reasonable size and you’re not just another body or a number. The teachers at the school takes the time to get to know every student and figures out each student strength and weakness. I remember when I was injured and in a walking boot, every teacher and student checked on me to make sure that I was alright and helped me out every step of the way. That just showed that the people at SXU cared about me and my well-being. The teachers are also willing to help you out with any problem that you might have. Knowing that you can ask you teacher for help with anything that you have a problem with is a tremendous feeling. It’s like one big happy family at SXU, something that everyone should want to be a part of.4

The student body is great as well! It is very easy to make friends here and you quickly become comfortable with your classmates and the students in general. I can honestly say that I haven’t met a mean-spirited person at the school yet, which is saying something. When you can easily get along with people and it is a tremendous environment for you to get into your studies, what more can a student ask for?! There is also a lot of activities for students to get involved with as well. Activities such as, student groups and/or committees, student employment, Free Trivia Tuesdays, learning how to do a resume and gain employment and so much more! Plus, you can take in a sporting event at the school with the baseball team, softball team, basketball and football teams, and more! Just a great experience at Saint Xavier University.


If you want to do some sight-seeing and travel, downtown is just a few minutes away! You get on the train and ride downtown or drive, and visit downtown Chicago and take it all in. Do some sight-seeing, get a bite to eat, go to Millennium Park or skating, depending on the weather. Take in a baseball or basketball game, just enjoy the full experience that SXU and Chicago brings! Saint Xavier University is like a big family and is like no other school. Anyone who chooses to come here will not be let down and have the best time of their lives, plus gain the full college experience that very few schools can provide!


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