Yoela! However this may sound, I’ve never been to a retreat before.

I mean, I’d heard of them but never actually experienced one myself…. Until last weekend! Here at Saint Xavier University, being a Mercy school and all, they offer a number of retreats throughout the year. Being a Freshmen, there is an exclusive retreat called “Quest” that only people in your class can attend. I wasn’t originally all that interested but just the fact that I could only go on it as a Freshmen made me feel like I’d be missing out if I wouldn’t have gone.


So, we packed up our things for a weekend, met at the chapel at 5pm and we were off by 5:30. The bus ride was fun, we played this game with everybody where one person stands up and everyone else yells whatever questions they could think of. I had much fun thinking of abstract questions like if you could be either a land animal or aquatic creature, which one and why?


We got there Friday night and did some ice breaker games and had a dance party/ chill session for the end of the night because it was like 8 pm. The cabin was up in the middle of no where Michigan so I thoroughly enjoyed going on a nighttime stroll in the surrounding forestry. On Saturday, we had a couple of hours to go snow tubing and cross country skiing! It was so cool!


Now, one of the rules of quest is that you can’t give away the magic of it. What I can tell you is that people opened up; they touched your heart. We were assigned into small groups and the people you were in a small group with all trusted. It was such a beautiful, friendship building retreat! Since the retreat, I’ve seen fellow Questies, we’ve made Quest game days in the diner, and last night we went out for Quest family dinner at Gilhooleys!



Some people say SXU doesn’t have anything going on. And like, yeah, we are a small religious school so we don’t have a bunch of sorority and fraternity nonsense, don’t have giant streets like SIU were the only people living in those houses are students, and our school doesn’t have giant concerts like the University of Iowa.


BUT, there’s so much to do- as long as you’re willing to make sacrifices. This place is homey and you get to know almost everyone. It’s comfortable and accepting; Warm and inviting.

Great College Experience!


Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great past week and weekend as always! So far, this semester for myself has been a great experience. Meeting new people is always nerve-wrecking, but over at SXU, it has been an easy and smooth transition. It’s hard to believe that we are almost near Spring Break and soon, the semester will be over! Just have to keep pushing and striving for success, plus it helps that you have good people around you to make the semester that much easier and better for you as well.



This is me on a consistent basis, I can’t lie. Sometimes it just seems as though the homework and projects are just piling up more and more, however, that is when you have to sometimes find that inner strength. There is an ultimate goal in doing all of these assignments and projects. Next year will be here before I know it and graduation is in my sights. It’s crazy for me, personally. I remember first starting out in college and going through so many ups and downs in the process. I’ve matured a lot over the years and I’ve learned a lot of do’s and don’ts. I’ve made tons of friends in college and met my best friends in college. I wouldn’t trade none of that in for the world. Most of my friends have graduated and now I’m up next for next year. So, every time I get frazzled or completely tired, I just know that I am striving for success and it all starts at school!


Speaking of school, an interesting project I am doing is persuading my class that true love does exists if we go about it the right way. While doing this project, I began to wonder if there truly is a right person out there for everyone. I honestly believe that there is, but we sometimes go about finding love in the wrong way. Sometimes place too much emphasis on finding love in every relationship, instead of allowing it to come our way naturally. I’ve had encounters with people, who have just met individuals and immediately wanted to know if that person is the right one for them. I’m still young, so I don’t too much about love, but I am sure that isn’t how you’re supposed to go about finding it. Often times we also choose to settle with someone, instead of waiting for that right person to come along. When we do those things, it is going to be kind of hard to find love, if at all. I firmly believe that true love is out there for everyone to grab ahold of, but just allow it to naturally happen. Don’t force anything to happen, because I am sure that it will not feel genuine. We also have to open up our options as well. Meaning, try something new and stop going for the status quo every time. All of it really makes you think about a lot. Hopefully, I can persuade my class to feel the same today during my speech.1

Hopefully I do well during this speech today and that everyone has a great week and weekend as well!





Having A Great Week!


Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great past week as well as a great weekend! Hard to believe that we’re on the verge of entering the month of March. I wish that the weather would make it feel like we’re entering the month of March. When it finally gets above freezing temperatures, than we go into a Winter Advisory Warning. It’s seems as though we cannot catch a break, even though the temperatures are going to be in the 40′s for the next couple of days, it’s going to go right back to the low 20′s. I used to love the Winter Time, but now it’s slowly becoming the season that I hate the most.


Over at SXU, we’re continuing the celebration of Black History Month! Movies such as the Express will be filming February 20th at 7:30pm in the Student Lounge. Also, the Black Student Union will be hosting a Black Tie Affair event celebrating Black History Month with music and highlighting influential African-Americans in music as well. This event will be held in the Butler Reception room February 28th at 7:30pm. This should be a great event that is open to SXU Students! There are also still great opportunities to get your resume checked out and to make improvements. Checkout SXU’s events page on line to find out when and where.



Right now this is describing me perfectly! I always tell myself at the beginning of each semester that I am going to do my assignments as soon as I get them, but that’s not working out too well. Waiting until the last minute is the worse thing in the world, especially when you’re like me and you don’t even look at the instructions for the assignment. For example, it took me from 9 in the morning yesterday, until 6:30 in the evening yesterday to finish my assignments that were due. Not to mention that I still have to finish a couple of more assignments for my Thursday class. This is college life, and I am sure that I am not the first person to procrastinate and I will not be the last! I strongly admire anyone, who don’t waste time when they first get their assignments, I will I could be you all, but that’s just wishful thinking on part. One day I will break the habit, but I don’t believe it will be this semester.


I tend to go out to a lot of gatherings and functions. It’s a way to make network connections and you get a chance to meet new people! However, there is a terrible trend that has been catching my eye more and more lately. People being on their phones 24/7 is, to me, one of the worst things in the world and a huge turnoff! It’s always the ones, who complain about never going and wanting to find some to do to get out the house. You bring them to an event and all they do is sit on their phone all day and night! It’s not only females who do this, but guys do it as well and it’s annoying. It’s gets extremely irritating when you’re trying to conduct a conversation with someone, and you’re sitting on your phone not even paying attention. I’ve seen the above picture so many times in person, that it’s ridiculous. It really needs to stop and if you’re going to continue to do this, than you might as well stay on home in your little cocoon. Sorry for feeling so passionate about this, but I just feel as though it needs to be said.

I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend!


Choosing a Major!


Coming into Saint Xavier University just a few short years ago, I had no idea what the heck I wanted to do with my life. I remember filling out the online application and thinking, “Why in the world do I have to decide my future career path at 17??” So instead of committing to any random major that sounded interesting to me, I clicked Undecided.

Fast forward to a few months later, and I was sitting at FOCUS (our school’s two day orientation) meeting new people and trying to build friendships with people I had just met. A question that seemed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue was…”WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR???”

I, of course, told everyone that I was undecided and was very proud of my answer. But the judgmental look on a lot of people’s faces told me that I shouldn’t be. My answer really got no response from anyone, but was a good stepping stone for them to start talking about their major and all the wonderful things they were going to do after college. Which was cool for them, but made me kind of scared. All these people knew exactly what they wanted to do in life and I had no idea. They were going to be successful and I would end up living in my parents house for the rest of my life.

I wish it were this simple...

I wish it were this simple…

I came home from FOCUS and was determined that I would pick a major before beginning my first day at this school. But I didn’t. Which only led me to feel more and more anxious about college. Was I just wasting money going here? Would I disappoint my parents? What if I choose a career path and end up hating it for the rest of my life?

Yeah, you can say I was pretty neurotic at this point and just driving myself crazy. Which is what I realized. And looking back in retrospect, I’m actually GLAD I started out not knowing what I was doing.

It gave me the opportunity to come into SXU, take a ton of gen eds, & explore different fields of study I was interested in. And because I took only gen eds my first year, I eventually stumbled upon my current major! Psychology is something I am extremely passionate about and maybe would have never fallen in love with unless I took Psych 101 as an undecided major.

As I went through my sophomore and junior years, it’s been kind of funny watching some people change their majors. These were the people who were SOOOO set on being nurses or teachers, then decided it wasn’t right for them. The ones who made me feel embarrassed about not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Gotta love karma.

Make it rain on them...(you finish that phrase because I can't)

Make it rain on them…(you finish that phrase because I can’t)

But even if you do know what you want to do at 18, 19 years old…that’s awesome too. Or even if you change your major. What’s most important is doing what makes you happy in the long run. What is going to make you excited to wake up every day for the rest of your life and work hard for your money!

Peace and love,


Happy Love Day readers!


Hope you are all openly and outwardly expressing your love on this fine day!

This week has been full of love for me. Sure, I actually had some pretty bad drama and people talking behind me back but literally the event I’ve been working since Wednesday showed me that none of that matters.

I am apart of Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ). We focus on bringing peace to campus and inspiring people to help us make a difference with various social issues. This weeks event, because it’s the week of Valentines Day, we started of GiveLiveLove campaign. The purpose behind this campaign is to help people feel more comfortable with openly and outwardly expressing their love for everyone and everything they feel it for.


Wall of Love after day 2!

Everyday we’ve had a “Wall of Love” up. This is where fellow students are encouraged to write on a post-it note about anything they love- where they love, how they love, who they love, what they love- and then they post it on our wall. We’ve had great success and it’s awesome to see so many people willing to express an emotion that is so pure and beautiful. We are doing different things everyday of the campaign besides the Love Wall.

The boys working the table!

The boys working the table!

On Wednesday, it was Thank-You day. We designed thank yous and encouraged students to take them and give them to friends, family, or even better strangers.

On Thursday, we had the compliment challenge. This is where any student who wanted a button or sticker we designed they had to give out 3 compliments to 3 different people in the Diner.

Today, we have candy and pre-made valentines that have fellow MSPJ member’s artwork on it.


Cougar posting their love <3

Cougar posting their love <3

Movies & TV

John Steinbeck once wrote, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

Now, as much as I love Steinbeck, he was wrong. He may have been a literary genius, but he knew nothing about the seasons.

Winter is the worst season ever. It’s long, it’s freezing, and it’s SOOOOO BORING. I know I’ve complained about it in at least two or three other blogs but I literally cannot stop thinking about how much I hate it.

Plus, what is there to even DO during the winter?

Yeah you can go outside and play in the snow, or see the Christmas lights and decorations downtown closer to the holiday season…but that’s about all the fun things I can think of to do in the winter.

Which is why movies and TV shows have become my saving grace recently. I’m not a huge fan of television and rarely ever watch it. But this winter…things are different. I find myself actually enjoying cozying up under my blankets and escaping into the fictional world of television and film.

With this week’s blog entry, I am going to channel my inner Roger Eber and give y’all some suggestions for some new movies and TV shows that will save you from boredom. Unless you don’t like the ones I choose, which in that case would leave you feeling just as bored, maybe even more than you already were. (Sorry!!)

In no particular order:

the simpsons

-The Simpsons
I never watched this growing up because 1) I wasn’t allowed to and 2) I hated doing everything everyone else did. But my boyfriend recently introduced me to this show and I really, really enjoy it. The Simpsons isn’t your average cartoon, so don’t mistake it for that. It’s ironically (and stupidly…in a good way) funny. Not only that but their guest appearances kind of rock. Conan O’Brien and George Harrison have lent their voice talents to this show, as well as Tony Hawk & blink-182. Plus the political and cultural references will keep you laughing long after the episode ends.
*Only on DVD and the FOX network

Fight Club movie image Brad Pitt

-Fight Club
This is my favorite movie of all time but I can’t tell you about it because the first rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about fight club. HAHA I’M SO FUNNY. But seriously. Just watch the movie.

fresh prince.
-90’s/Early 2000’s sitcoms
Seinfeld, Friends, Full House, the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, King of Queens…the list goes on and on. Bringing back memories and laughs, all at the same time.


-The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
A period piece set in WWII, about a Nazi commander’s son and his unlikely friendship with a Jewish boy locked away in an internment camp. The cinematography is beautiful, as well as the message behind it. It’s a tearjerker and the ending will leave you feeling suprisingly empty. There is no happy ending. But DO NOT let that stop you from watching it!!!

house of cards.

-House of Cards
Kevin Spacey, ‘nuff said

step brothers.

-Pineapple Express, This is the End, Step Brothers
I’m putting these altogether because they’re basically the same premise, just different story lines and actors. The main characters + funny situations + illegal substances = every Judd Apatow movie. But they never get old and will always be entertaining.


-One Tree Hill
This has to be my favorite TV show of all time. It’s indescribably good. There’s drama, love, friendship, basketball…a high school show but with a heart. There’s not a show that can compare, in my eyes, to OTH. Plus the music is AWESOME so if you’re a fan of good music, tune in. OH! And did I mention Chad Michael Murray???
*Complete series on Netflix

Happy watching!

Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Back to the grind of work and/or school we go. Thank goodness things seems to be letting up with the weather. Finally the weather will be approaching 30 degrees and less cold come Thursday. I can’t wait for the Summer to hit, at least Spring. If you’re looking for a job, than look no further than Saint Xavier University!

On Thursday, February 13th, SXU will be hosting a Job Fair from 12pm-3pm at the Shannon Center on the Chicago Campus. This is everyone’s chance to network with potential employers and make a big-time impression face-to-face with some of these companies. This event is free and is not only opened to the students from SXU, but to people from all over as well as students from neighboring colleges and universities. As always, SXU going the extra to help anyone who needs it. Go to SXU website and type in keyword job fair to checkout all of the employees that will be in attendance at the job fair. They will also be having people showing you how to land a job and impress employees as well. This event will be taking place, Wednesday, February 12th at noon at the Career Services Modular Unit Conference Room. Be sure to checkout both of them if you can to land a job!

If you can’t make those events, but you need some improvements to your resume, than you can checkout the Introduction to Resume Writing event on Friday, February 14th at 2pm. You can learn how to make your resume standout and make it even better than what it already is. This will be in the Warde Academic Center.


This Friday is also a special day for many couples out there. It will be Valentine’s Day! Hopefully, everyone has a great Valentine’s, even if you don’t have a date. Wherever you take your date, hopefully you can impress the person, who you are taking out. There are some events that you can take your date to and have a good time in the process. Candlelight dinners, going out or going the extra mile and make dinner yourself. For single people, hopefully going out with fellow single friends can ease the pain, if there is some, from not having a date.


This can be a little late Valentine’s Day date, but it can still impress your date. Taking them out to a Justin Timberlake concert! Timberlake will be performing at the United Center February 17th. That should be an extremely exciting concert, with plenty of hits to get the crowd going. Timberlake seems to rarely disappoints and this concert should be no different!


If you’re into smooth R&B, than look no further than to Musiq and Fantasia giving a concert this Saturday! This event will be held at the Arie Crown Theater. Special guests Avant and Keke Wyatt will be performing also. If you’re looking for a smooth night with great R&B music, than this is most definitely the concert to attend!

Great concerts to take your date to this weekend for sure! I hope that everyone has a great week and Valentine’s Day weekend!





Jam Band!

Hello all!

Okay, so I’m supppppper excited for tonight! My friends from my hometown, like an hour and 15 minutes away, have a band called Crybaby and they are playing a show at the Bottom Lounge! Now, I’ve seen them multiple times but this performance is super special for multiple reasons.

Da band!

Da band!

Firstly, this is the first show where they will be doing 100% originals. Like most garage bands, they have built up their fan base and talent by doing covers of songs. Recently though, they have been writing originals left and right and I have been informed this show is going to be dropping three never-heard-before songs!


Secondly, the Bottom Lounge is a big venue (compared to the local bars and stores they usually play at). I just recently over winter break went and saw The Werks at the Bottom Lounge. This is a place where big artists play at so the fact that my friends are getting to bless the stage with their jam band rock is super exciting and mind blowing.

Me at a Crybaby show over winter break

Me at a Crybaby show over winter break

Their evolution as a band is finally coming to that “ahhhh, finally” moment. It’s nice to have a group of people I can be overly proud of. One of the things that I love most about going to school in the Chicago area is the fact that I can go to a show every weekend if I wanted to. Public transportation has become my best friend- though  was afraid to use it at first, just got to make sure you have a buddy!

But yeah,

Imma have fun!

Hope you all have fun tonight and this weekend!


‘Til next time.

sxu campus

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend with no stress or drama. I also hope that everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl as well, at least the halftime performance with Bruno Mars. I can honestly say that, that was one of the most boring Super Bowl that I’ve ever watched. The game was over before it even got started. The commercials weren’t much better. Only two or maybe three commercials I liked. The rest of the commercial was just a waste of time! A few events at SXU and this weekend/week coming up might get rid of the bad taste in my mouth from watching the game this past Sunday.

Over at SXU, if your major or intended major is Communications like myself, than this upcoming event this Thursday will be perfect for you! Saint Xavier will be having professionals from the professional media and communications field stop by and offer tips and information on how to land your first media job. This event should very interesting and give everyone the ability to make network connections as well! It starts at 6pm in the Butler Reception Room at the Warde Academic Building. Should be a great event that everyone should come out to.

On Friday at the Career Services Modular Unit at 2pm, another event will be taking place on internship workshops. This event will prepare and show everyone how to land that dream internship! Also, Black History Month events will be taking place as well. From lectures, to movie viewings. Not to mention a trip to the DuSable Museum later this month to learn about African-American history. Great events as always at SXU!2 chainz concert

This weekend, there will also be events going on in Chicago to give you a break from classes as well! Rapper 2 Chainz will be bringing his tour to the Chicago Theatre on February 7th. He also will be performing will rapper Pusha T as well. Should be a nice concert to go out and support.

auto show

The Chicago Auto Show will also be taking place from February 8th through the 17th. It will be at the McCormick Place and this event always has a huge turnout. People go to checkout some of the newest cars that will be coming out. Even if it might be a little bit out of your budget, it’s still nice to dream! Who knows, it might be motivation for you as well! It’s always a good showing at the event, so you wouldn’t want to miss it.

disney on ice

If you’re looking for something that you and your family can enjoy, look no further than the Disney On Ice: Let’s  Celebrate event. It’ll be Thursday at the United Center. People can see some of their favorite Disney characters ice-skating and all! Should be tons of fun for the little ones.


I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend! I hope that everyone is safe and acts responsible if you do decide to go out this weekend as well!



The Art of Procrastination

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret about me….
Something I have been keeping hidden from my friends, family, and co-workers for a very, very long time…

aaaaaa.I…Victoria Catherine Bolster (don’t ever call me by my full name, got it?)…am a procrastinator.
And not like an occasional one, but more of an every single day since I can ever remember procrastinator.

I procrastinate from everything: homework, working out, doing chores, getting ready to go places.

I’m not sure if it’s my laziness (probably), or my short attention span, or my boredom with menial tasks like homework, but no matter what I do, I can’t stop putting things off until the last minute!

I guess you can blame my genetics on it; I come from a long line of procrastinators, so I guess it’s just in my DNA that I was destined to become one. My grandpa was one and so is my mom, and now here I am!

I try really hard to get things done on time, and occasionally, I do! There will be a week or so every year where I am on top of my stuff, and life feels pretty great and relaxing. But then I start watching something on Netflix, reading pointless articles on BuzzFeed, or scrolling through my Tumblr page…and I get distracted. Homework gets put off, I don’t study until the night before an exam, I take a nap to avoid doing more important things. This vicious cycle is a lot easier to fall into than you even know.


Is any of this sounding familiar to any of you? I know it probably does. Because there is just no way that I am the only procrastinator out there. And I know I am not the only one who wishes someone would snap me out of that vicious cycle and make me get things done without having to cram it all into the night before. Even though sometimes I think my best work is done when it’s rushed.

Which is why I am going to take a stand for not only myself, but for all of you procrastinators out there! Instead of sitting around doing nothing all day, putting everything off…just go out and do whatever it is you’re avoiding! Seriously though, it will save you a whole bunch of unwanted stress. Not only that, but it will help you enjoy time with your friends and loved ones, which you might miss out on by doing less important things like Facebook stalking.

I guess it’s as easy as this? Turn off your smartphone, shut down your laptop, turn off your TV, get out of bed…and do something more productive!!


Now if you excuse me, I need to take a three hour nap and play some Flappy Bird before I start studying for my Psych exam.