Happy Love Day readers!


Hope you are all openly and outwardly expressing your love on this fine day!

This week has been full of love for me. Sure, I actually had some pretty bad drama and people talking behind me back but literally the event I’ve been working since Wednesday showed me that none of that matters.

I am apart of Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ). We focus on bringing peace to campus and inspiring people to help us make a difference with various social issues. This weeks event, because it’s the week of Valentines Day, we started of GiveLiveLove campaign. The purpose behind this campaign is to help people feel more comfortable with openly and outwardly expressing their love for everyone and everything they feel it for.


Wall of Love after day 2!

Everyday we’ve had a “Wall of Love” up. This is where fellow students are encouraged to write on a post-it note about anything they love- where they love, how they love, who they love, what they love- and then they post it on our wall. We’ve had great success and it’s awesome to see so many people willing to express an emotion that is so pure and beautiful. We are doing different things everyday of the campaign besides the Love Wall.

The boys working the table!

The boys working the table!

On Wednesday, it was Thank-You day. We designed thank yous and encouraged students to take them and give them to friends, family, or even better strangers.

On Thursday, we had the compliment challenge. This is where any student who wanted a button or sticker we designed they had to give out 3 compliments to 3 different people in the Diner.

Today, we have candy and pre-made valentines that have fellow MSPJ member’s artwork on it.


Cougar posting their love <3

Cougar posting their love <3

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