Having A Great Week!


Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great past week as well as a great weekend! Hard to believe that we’re on the verge of entering the month of March. I wish that the weather would make it feel like we’re entering the month of March. When it finally gets above freezing temperatures, than we go into a Winter Advisory Warning. It’s seems as though we cannot catch a break, even though the temperatures are going to be in the 40′s for the next couple of days, it’s going to go right back to the low 20′s. I used to love the Winter Time, but now it’s slowly becoming the season that I hate the most.


Over at SXU, we’re continuing the celebration of Black History Month! Movies such as the Express will be filming February 20th at 7:30pm in the Student Lounge. Also, the Black Student Union will be hosting a Black Tie Affair event celebrating Black History Month with music and highlighting influential African-Americans in music as well. This event will be held in the Butler Reception room February 28th at 7:30pm. This should be a great event that is open to SXU Students! There are also still great opportunities to get your resume checked out and to make improvements. Checkout SXU’s events page on line to find out when and where.



Right now this is describing me perfectly! I always tell myself at the beginning of each semester that I am going to do my assignments as soon as I get them, but that’s not working out too well. Waiting until the last minute is the worse thing in the world, especially when you’re like me and you don’t even look at the instructions for the assignment. For example, it took me from 9 in the morning yesterday, until 6:30 in the evening yesterday to finish my assignments that were due. Not to mention that I still have to finish a couple of more assignments for my Thursday class. This is college life, and I am sure that I am not the first person to procrastinate and I will not be the last! I strongly admire anyone, who don’t waste time when they first get their assignments, I will I could be you all, but that’s just wishful thinking on part. One day I will break the habit, but I don’t believe it will be this semester.


I tend to go out to a lot of gatherings and functions. It’s a way to make network connections and you get a chance to meet new people! However, there is a terrible trend that has been catching my eye more and more lately. People being on their phones 24/7 is, to me, one of the worst things in the world and a huge turnoff! It’s always the ones, who complain about never going and wanting to find some to do to get out the house. You bring them to an event and all they do is sit on their phone all day and night! It’s not only females who do this, but guys do it as well and it’s annoying. It’s gets extremely irritating when you’re trying to conduct a conversation with someone, and you’re sitting on your phone not even paying attention. I’ve seen the above picture so many times in person, that it’s ridiculous. It really needs to stop and if you’re going to continue to do this, than you might as well stay on home in your little cocoon. Sorry for feeling so passionate about this, but I just feel as though it needs to be said.

I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend!


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