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Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Back to the grind of work and/or school we go. Thank goodness things seems to be letting up with the weather. Finally the weather will be approaching 30 degrees and less cold come Thursday. I can’t wait for the Summer to hit, at least Spring. If you’re looking for a job, than look no further than Saint Xavier University!

On Thursday, February 13th, SXU will be hosting a Job Fair from 12pm-3pm at the Shannon Center on the Chicago Campus. This is everyone’s chance to network with potential employers and make a big-time impression face-to-face with some of these companies. This event is free and is not only opened to the students from SXU, but to people from all over as well as students from neighboring colleges and universities. As always, SXU going the extra to help anyone who needs it. Go to SXU website and type in keyword job fair to checkout all of the employees that will be in attendance at the job fair. They will also be having┬ápeople showing you how to land a job and impress employees as well. This event will be taking place, Wednesday, February 12th at noon at the Career Services Modular Unit Conference Room. Be sure to checkout both of them if you can to land a job!

If you can’t make those events, but you need some improvements to your resume, than you can checkout the Introduction to Resume Writing event on Friday, February 14th at 2pm. You can learn how to make your resume standout and make it even better than what it already is. This will be in the Warde Academic Center.


This Friday is also a special day for many couples out there. It will be Valentine’s Day! Hopefully, everyone has a great Valentine’s, even if you don’t have a date. Wherever you take your date, hopefully you can impress the person, who you are taking out. There are some events that you can take your date to and have a good time in the process. Candlelight dinners, going out or going the extra mile and make dinner yourself. For single people, hopefully going out with fellow single friends can ease the pain, if there is some, from not having a date.


This can be a little late Valentine’s Day date, but it can still impress your date. Taking them out to a Justin Timberlake concert! Timberlake will be performing at the United Center February 17th. That should be an extremely exciting concert, with plenty of hits to get the crowd going. Timberlake seems to rarely disappoints and this concert should be no different!


If you’re into smooth R&B, than look no further than to Musiq and Fantasia giving a concert this Saturday! This event will be held at the Arie Crown Theater. Special guests Avant and Keke Wyatt will be performing also. If you’re looking for a smooth night with great R&B music, than this is most definitely the concert to attend!

Great concerts to take your date to this weekend for sure! I hope that everyone has a great week and Valentine’s Day weekend!





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