Jam Band!

Hello all!

Okay, so I’m supppppper excited for tonight! My friends from my hometown, like an hour and 15 minutes away, have a band called Crybaby and they are playing a show at the Bottom Lounge! Now, I’ve seen them multiple times but this performance is super special for multiple reasons.

Da band!

Da band!

Firstly, this is the first show where they will be doing 100% originals. Like most garage bands, they have built up their fan base and talent by doing covers of songs. Recently though, they have been writing originals left and right and I have been informed this show is going to be dropping three never-heard-before songs!


Secondly, the Bottom Lounge is a big venue (compared to the local bars and stores they usually play at). I just recently over winter break went and saw The Werks at the Bottom Lounge. This is a place where big artists play at so the fact that my friends are getting to bless the stage with their jam band rock is super exciting and mind blowing.

Me at a Crybaby show over winter break

Me at a Crybaby show over winter break

Their evolution as a band is finally coming to that “ahhhh, finally” moment. It’s nice to have a group of people I can be overly proud of. One of the things that I love most about going to school in the Chicago area is the fact that I can go to a show every weekend if I wanted to. Public transportation has become my best friend- though  was afraid to use it at first, just got to make sure you have a buddy!

But yeah,

Imma have fun!

Hope you all have fun tonight and this weekend!


‘Til next time.

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