On my honors!

So, I really like learning. Wait, I really like LOVE learning. It’s always been a passion of mine. I came to college to develop my brain and my thinking, and that is exactly what I intend to do. To me, having this goal as opposed to going to school for a degree and income, is encouraging and fulfilling beyond belief. St. Xavier offers an environment where I feel comfortable and free to be myself and strengthen my mental ability in every area.


What more so encourages me on my mission at SXU is the honors program, which is what I’ve decided to dedicate this post to writing about.

IMPORTANT: If you think this sounds cool and you are an early student (Fr/So) and you have a good GPA and staff that know you as a student who really likes to engage in learning, it is possible to get into the honors program; they welcome people! Mary Beth Teagan, a wonderful women, is the lady you need;)

There are many things about the honors program that were actually deciding factors in me attending this school. It’s an excelling program. Individuals within the program are assigned an overlying theme in which their honors classes will incorporate to which class. For example, I took honors English semester and we dealt with social justice pieces and things that addressed different types of governing systems. Personally, why I want to become a more critically thinking individual is so I can impact the world with positivity and a humanitarian outlook to the best of my ability. Already because of both the honors program and the classes I choose as well, I have discovered pertinent knowledge about social justice movements that were successful in the past, and insight into human mind and action in general.

The honors classes specifically are cool for other reasons besides the over arching theme. You are specifically only with other honor students in your specific class so you get an intimate and comfortable feeling in your classes. Already, in just the second semester, I felt totally comfortable going into my honors humanities and philosophies classes because I knew pretty much every face sitting in the class with me. This causes a lot more class participation. I’m one to participate a lot in any class that I am taking (cause I lurv it!) and it’s really nice to sit in this class and have great class participation and interest from the start.

Along with this comfortable factor we do some cool things. Yes, it is a bit more challenging than a regular class because the professors expect more and ask more in depth questions (the material is actually pretty much the same). But we also get some cool perks occassionally. Along with free printing, my humanities class gets to attend two theatrical productions- one is picked by the professor and the other is picked by the student. This reminds me so much of a field trip from back in those infamous tween days, and I’m super excited for it because I love the theatre!


I apologize for the lack of pictures, I really don’t like using pictures that aren’t mine. I donut have a smart phone so I can’t really take pictures and my silly Mac doesn’t have a slot for my photo card for my digital:p But I declare, pictures shall come!


Stay well everybody! Search your souls and revaluate goals!