Yoela! However this may sound, I’ve never been to a retreat before.

I mean, I’d heard of them but never actually experienced one myself…. Until last weekend! Here at Saint Xavier University, being a Mercy school and all, they offer a number of retreats throughout the year. Being a Freshmen, there is an exclusive retreat called “Quest” that only people in your class can attend. I wasn’t originally all that interested but just the fact that I could only go on it as a Freshmen made me feel like I’d be missing out if I wouldn’t have gone.


So, we packed up our things for a weekend, met at the chapel at 5pm and we were off by 5:30. The bus ride was fun, we played this game with everybody where one person stands up and everyone else yells whatever questions they could think of. I had much fun thinking of abstract questions like if you could be either a land animal or aquatic creature, which one and why?


We got there Friday night and did some ice breaker games and had a dance party/ chill session for the end of the night because it was like 8 pm. The cabin was up in the middle of no where Michigan so I thoroughly enjoyed going on a nighttime stroll in the surrounding forestry. On Saturday, we had a couple of hours to go snow tubing and cross country skiing! It was so cool!


Now, one of the rules of quest is that you can’t give away the magic of it. What I can tell you is that people opened up; they touched your heart. We were assigned into small groups and the people you were in a small group with all trusted. It was such a beautiful, friendship building retreat! Since the retreat, I’ve seen fellow Questies, we’ve made Quest game days in the diner, and last night we went out for Quest family dinner at Gilhooleys!



Some people say SXU doesn’t have anything going on. And like, yeah, we are a small religious school so we don’t have a bunch of sorority and fraternity nonsense, don’t have giant streets like SIU were the only people living in those houses are students, and our school doesn’t have giant concerts like the University of Iowa.


BUT, there’s so much to do- as long as you’re willing to make sacrifices. This place is homey and you get to know almost everyone. It’s comfortable and accepting; Warm and inviting.

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