Hello world and all its beautiful inhabitants!


Yesterday was my birthday, and man was it a good one! I’m usually always sad on my birthday, I don’t know why but I am. So, I wasn’t expecting much. However, at midnight, my wonderful loving friends showered me with presents (okay, so 4 people did, but I wasn’t expecting anything) and it made me feel very appreciated. I had two friends from high school who were the only people outside of my family who ever gave me gifts because they loved and appreciated me. These things were always kind of small and usually stolen, or they were artwork which i absolutely love and have hanging in my dorm room (shout out to A-hums).

Now, material items don’t define whether or not somebody appreciates me, however, to see the thought behind the gifts- how perfect and excited I got for the gift in general- gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  My friend Amanda got me a super cute dress, but the card that she got me brought me to tears of joy. I am literally amazed by how good of a birthday I had. Everything was provided to me for my celebration and I didn’t even have to ask. My friend Felecia, along with getting me a super cool yoga book, got me a tiara that said “birthday girl” and doused me in confetti 6+ times throughout the school day. Which, angered the janitors and caused everyone in my classes enjoyment as they watched me try to fish confetti out of my shirt.

After having such a wonderful birthday, I am sort of in awe. I have only been at SXU, what, 5 months? Maybe more, but regardless, less than a year and I have met such wonderful people who have given me one of, if not, the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met at this school because they have truly already made such a large impact on my life. My goal for this new year of my life is to find the love within myself. I give a lot and often times feel underappreciated. This birthday showed me I am appreciated. I am going to learn to be okay being alone and to have my deeds behind the scene remain unseen because I AM LOVE. I have enough love within me to love myself fully and love others.


Alas, I am currently in Indiana on my way to Kentucky for my cousins Regionals dance competition so I should probably sleep (seeing as it’s midnight;).

Keep it real guys. Live give love.

& have a great break

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