Burn Baby Burn!

Me and Lizzy at the gym in High School, you can tell the lack of seriousness

Me and Lizzy at the gym in High School, you can tell the lack of seriousness

Did you know…

It’s been found: Americans are becoming healthier. Yes, over the past decade or so we have been known for becoming more and more obese but the trend is starting to correct itself. In high school, I always did excel gym and would push myself in the sports I took part in but I did not really have a personal drive to work out. It was pretty much the same story when I first started here at St Xavier. I went to the fitness classes (zumba, cardio kickboxing, nike training, ab blast and yoga are heaven sent) every week and worked really hard there but had no outside motivation or time put in.


And people, let me tell you, the Freshmen 15 is SO real its scary. The first thing that I did when I started noticing the physical weight gain was fix my eating habit. The diner has healthy options, but it also has greasy comfort food. I also stopped drinking juice everyday. I read in this ladies blog that is really cool that fruit juice is one of the highest empty calorie things you can consume. This shocked me and I started only drinking water and coffee with occasional indulgences. However, this really made no impact and my health remained the same.


When I came back from winter break- a time I spent hiking, sledding, and going to shows- I was refreshed and started going to the gym more. I used to run cross country but I hadn’t tried to run continuously in awhile and doing so really lit a fire inside of me. I had forgotten what the runners high felt like. My body was not quite what it used to be. I have been running a lot recently and have developed a true appreciation for the mental preparation and control that’s needed to run long distances. I just finished spending 2 hours in the gym, 1 hour was spent straight lifting and the other was lifting weights.


Let me tell you, I feel REFRESHED after a day like today! The first time I started going back to the gym I was only able to run for 20 minutes and was DYING afterwards. Now, even after the gym when before my body would be aching and all I would want to do is sleep, I feel light and renewed. Anything is possible to an extent and one can always get better. Everything in life is done best if one builds themselves to higher points instead of trying to start at them.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay peaceful!

Until next week :)

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