Stopping The Violence In Chicago!



Hello everyone, I hope that you all had an excellent weekend and that we only have one week left of classes and than we go on a much needed break! I feel as though if you have a voice and/or a platform do address any issues that you feel strongly about, you should do it. No matter how small you believe your voice may be to reach the masses, if I get to a few people, I will feel good about that at this point. I’m only a college student, so I don’t know how big my voice is but I will try to reach some, I will feel as though I made some kind of difference. Chicago is a wonderful place, I was born here and I love my city. Unfortunately, all of the senseless violence that has been going on, just brings a dark cloud over the city and makes people very hesitant to even come to visit or come to certain places in Chicago.




It doesn’t make any sense why anyone, especially little children are being killed left and right. Every time my television is cut on, there’s a report on the news on how someone has killed a child and for what? Because a child was crying for too long or they did something that little children do? Or maybe it’s because it was mistaken identity? Regardless and what the case maybe, it’s still wrong. We are slowly, but surely killing off the kids and people that are suppose to lead us into the next generation. Soon, we will have no next generation or no leaders, and that is the most unfortunate thing out of all of this. We need to let these children grow up and be able to become what they want to be and achieve all of the success and accomplishments that they desire. Children are losing parents and parents are losing children. This all needs to stop and allow these people to reach their full potential.




As I stated, we need to stop this senseless violence. We all need to learn how to become productive citizens in this world. Children can’t even go outside and more just to ride their bikes and hangout with their friends anymore. My parents and older people always talk about how back in their day, they were always able to go outside and be free and hangout and walk to the corner store. You wouldn’t have to worry about being shot or someone getting mad at you because they don’t like the way you look. I am longing for those days at this point. We’re bringing back so many styles that were relevant in the 70′s and 80′s, maybe we should bring back the ability for children to be able to be children without any consequences for doing so. Allowing anyone to walk down the street or start up a rally towards stopping violence and being killed for no apparent reason. It brings a bad light to the whole city and you have to wonder if these people watch the news or if they just don’t care.




Instead of spending all of this energy committing crimes, put your time into something useful. Play sports, get active in your community, provide meals to the homeless, after-school programs, playing in the park, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg with a litany of things to do to become productive and putting our time to good use. Who knows, putting the time and effort into these different avenues may lead to a scholarship, starting up a business and the sky’s the limit at that point. We have the ability to be anything we want to be in this world for the greater good, don’t waste your potential or doing stupid things such as violence and crime.




I can’t stress enough on how beautiful Chicago is. We need to start taking pride in our city instead of making it a war zone. However, this isn’t just for the city of Chicago, it is for everyone. Violence is happening too frequently and it needs to stop. High-school shootings, mass movie shootings, people getting killed because they declined to go to prom with someone. We all need to do better and it starts with ourselves. This is for everyone, race, gender, etc. We all have the ability to do better and we need to start doing better.

Earth week!

Hello all!

So, this week with Mercy Students for Peace and Justice, and Eco Club we had Earth Week! It was a week full of information and other interactive activities that the student body took part in so I figured this week i’d share some of the knowledge that we gathered for this week.

First and foremost our main campaign throughout the week was to “Boycott the Bottle”.This is just some fancy phrasing to say we want people to use reusable bottles instead of plastic ones you buy from the store. This is for multiple reason. The most important one to me is because the plastic is being unnecessarily created, creating pollution, and is then left behind as waste. The bottles are being unnecessarily created because we are all capable of owning a reusable water bottle. Now, some people say to that “but tap water is nasty” and this brings me to the second reason why we shouldn’t drink bottled water: it is no better for you than tap, it is actually often times cleaner. This is for a few reasons. 1) the FDA has one person, who along with other tasks, is in charge of over seeing all bottled water, so you know it is not being checked. The bottled water companies actually do their own testing and then submit that. 2) Municipalities generally test each batch of water over 6 times a day but multiple people, this means it is monitored more than bottled water. 3) bottled water is filtered once, tap water is filtered at least 4 times. 4) illegal and dangerous chemicals were found in tested bottle water that came right off the store shelf.

Okay, so that was a lot about bottled water, now, let us discuss the ocean.


A common misconception that people have is that all our oxygen comes from trees, right? Wrong! The ocean is the largest carbon filter in the world. Within the ocean, we find plankton which are known as the grass of the sea. Plankton are the base of the food chain in the ocean, without them life in the ocean would not be possible. So, plankton, really important to the ocean and ocean really important to breathing. The problem is, in today’s ocean, there are 40% less plankton than there was in the pre-industrial revolution ocean; we have a higher population and yet the ocean has a decreased oxygen production. Not just this, but also there is 6X more plastic than plankton. The waste we create is really killing our environment


Wellllll, we need to become conscious consumers. Our system is based on capitalism and capitalism survives because of supply and demand. Without a demand for something, the supply is completely unnecessary and will be a waste. If we stop demanding, and stop using, things that create unnecessary waste, the resources required to create the items, the pollution caused by the production and the waste the discarded item creates could all be greatly reduced.

Sorry, I didn’t have time to take any pictures because I was talking about all this information and so much more!

Stay fresh and have an awesome weekend!

Give live love!

Summertime Chicago!



Hello, I hope that everyone had a great and pleasant week and weekend! The weather was perfect for change and it was great seeing so many faces having fun and enjoying life without no negativity surrounding them as well. I love summertime Chicago, especially downtown because of so many different activities that people can do on a consistent basis. For example, the Buckingham Fountain opens back up when it starts becoming warm outside and that’s always a sight to see. Just look at the picture above to get a glimpse of how the fountain looks. It’s always a beautiful and wonderful sight to see and enjoy with friends and family!




Another place you can enjoy in the Summer is Navy Pier. It’s always a lot of things to do at Navy Pier, the picture is just a taste of what you can do. It’s always a good time and a joyous event whenever you come to visit Navy Pier. You have a wonderful fireworks show that always captivates the crowd with a wonderful sight. Numerous rides that not only can adults enjoy, but children and a family can enjoy as well. Ferris wheels and rides of that nature are always a good and laid-back time for everyone. Check out a movie at the IMax Theatre, different museums and a host of other events that are a lot better to enjoy once the Summer rolls around!



The Taste of Chicago is always a great event for families and the youth to enjoy as well. Even though the event isn’t what it used to be, it’s still a great event to enjoy. You get to try out various foods that you never heard of before, and most of them keeps you coming back for more. It’s a great event with lots of things to do there and it’s always a great time going there as well.



Lollpalooza is always a great event in the Summer to enjoy various artists that you love! Different artists that we listen to on a consistent basis, comes out to perform from all genres of music. It’s a music festival that takes place in the beginning of August. It also provides some comedy and dance relief as well. This years event provides a bevy of different, great artists as well. The likes of Eminem, Lorde, Outkast, Skrillex, Calvin Harris and others will be performing in front of a sold-out crowd at the event. This is a can’t miss event as it always is each year.




That is just a taste of what is offered in Chicago in the Summer. Great events with great friends and family. Hopefully we all can enjoy this Summer without any violence or negativity as well! I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend!

Can’t Rush Things!



Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! It’s hard to believe that there are only a few weeks left in the semester. We’ve made it through and now it’s time for the stretch run. To put everything that we have into these final few weeks to obtain the best possible grade that we can possibly get and knock everything out of the way, so that we can rests easy and enjoy our Summer break, which is well deserved.




A trend that I have been noticing is that people are jumping into relationships without really knowing the person and gets shocked when they’re breaking up after just a few weeks of dating each other. This quote is something that I live by on a daily basis as it pertains to everything in life, especially relationships. We can’t just rush into something as serious as a relationship with a significant other. In my opinion, these types of things come naturally. Meaning, it happens when we least expect it to. Most of the time, this happens when we’re not even searching for the right person. You can’t force a shoe that doesn’t fit your feet fit and you can’t make two people who aren’t a natural fit, force them to fit with each other as well.




To me, this is at least, one big part of the meaning of finding love and that special person in your life. Hundreds of people love us when we are on top and when we are at our best. There are a select few people that stays with us when we are at our low points and at our weakest. This holds true to relationships as well. When we meet someone who loves us and are with us no matter what, I feel as though we cannot take that person for granted. Nowadays people are so fickle and switch up on each other at the drop of a dime, we can’t take the people who do stay for the long ride for granted.




To me, we have to keep an open mind when finding the right person as well. I read on a social media site that one person said that if you can’t financially take care of me, than I can’t be bothered with you. That person is still single, so how has it worked out for you? The restrictions that we put on people and who we’re looking for is doing too much in my opinion. Says things like that is just crazy, and I know that we are all entitled to what we are looking for but we cannot be surprised that we have not found anyone when we use things like that as a criteria. When close off our minds, we tend to miss out on a lot in life and when we finally broaden our horizons, it’s too late at times. It’s sad, but true. The person that comes into your life might not be who you physically envisioned you would be with, but if they make you feel a special way, you can’t risk giving up on them.




On that note, I hope that everyone has a great weekend and hang in there and just know that the semester is almost over as well. Once again, enjoy your day and weekend as well!


Music is a language in itself. Think about it, you need to learn to read notes; you need to learn to sing in key to be communicating with a guided intention. I have always felt connected with music and like it is deeply seeded in who I am, who I have been and who I will be. Music can set me in a mood; it can make me see light when I am in darkness. Despite my mood or what I shout, the music will be there to say exactly what I want to hear. I have always loved my music collection even though it really has a lack of correlation. Just like my friends, I refuse to settle with a group or genre. I listen song by song, my itunes library ranges from EDM, to Trevor Hall, to Kesha, and everything in between.

I have a song for anything. A boy breaks up with me? I have a plethora of songs that will raise me up as an independent women and strike him down as just another @$$ hole. My parents try to tell me to do something or control my life? I have songs that remind me I am in control of my life. I want to feel the love and energy of the universe around me? Got so much soul music <3


Here are some of my favorite songs/artists:


trevor-hall-10“The Mountain”

“Well I Say”

Trevor Hall

(and really anything by him)





“Budding Trees”PromoPhoto1-copy3

Nahko and Medicine for the People

(and really anything by them)




Ed Sheeran

(and really anything by him)



“Cough Syrup”

Young the Giant



“Remembering Sunday”

All Time Low





“Beautiful Rescue”

“Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

This Providence“Partition”





“Scum Bag”

Bro Safari





(anything by him)





“Day Dreamer”





pink“Fun House”



(anything by P!nk)





I could literally name songs and artists for pages! These are definitely ones that speak to me and give me all sorts of feels.

Have a good weekend! We sat in the Quad for 5 hours today, Soak up that sun!


‘Til next time :)


Great Weekend With Great Friends!!




Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great past weekend like I did. This quote couldn’t be anymore truer to me , personally, let’s just cease the day that we have in front of us and make it a fun time in the process. Life is all about having fun and taking chances in life and that’s what I’m beginning to realize. One of my close friends came to visit and we had a fun and interesting time during the few days that he was at my place.




It’s amazing to me how far all of my friends have grown up during the years. I remember how we used to act and behave in college and just in life. We all had a lot of fun and but at times we were a little bit immature. I can honestly say that has all changed. We’re more focused than ever before and we’re now behaving and acting like true men and gentlemen. We’ve come to realize that our friendship with one another in our circle is more important and we value it more and more each day. Sometimes you see people take their friendship with others for granted and I’m happy that none of my friends do that with each other. Granted, we don’t see each other as much, but we still communicate with each other daily and we’re still as close as before. It comes a time in our lives that we realize that it doesn’t matter how many friends we have on Facebook or Twitter, because to be honest, 85%-93% of those people that we have on there, we don’t even talk to or have no relationship with. So you come to appreciate the people who are in your lives for the long haul, instead of temporary or when they need something from you.




I believe this quote speaks volumes. Sometimes destiny corrects the decision by making people in your life your true friends, both male and female. I don’t consider the people who are extremely close to me as just friends, but family. I view them as my brothers and sisters, just like my two younger brothers. We always have great times with each other and I am thankful of that and them everyday. There’s nothing better than having true friends and family.




The only downfall of having such a good time with close friends is that you forget that you have some homework to take care of. Three papers and a test that is all due this week. I’ve knocked down one paper, so now I have two more to go, which I intend on finishing today.Than a test to take tomorrow. I’m happy that I have stuck it out for this long and that the semester is almost over with. I just have to keep telling myself that and I’ll be fine. So much work to do, but all for an ultimate goal, which is graduating!




I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend! Just remember that the semester and school year is almost over so go in and finish out strong!

Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy


After a long, hard winter…filled multiple below zero days and TONS of snow…spring weather has finally arrived! Even though it’s been raining for the past few days and the sunshine is limited, I couldn’t be happier to know that summer is coming. After perusing Buzzfeed a little & finding a lot of great articles about summer 2014, I stumbled on one that was actually really awesome. It’s titled, The 58 Best Summer Sensations, and here are a few of the examples that they gave.

  • The balmy breeze of a still night
  • The relieving coolness of an air conditioned movie theater on a hot day
  • The feeling of the sun
  • Getting caught in a warm thunderstorm
  • The taste of sweet, ripe fruit
  • Taking off your bathing suit in the evening and seeing the milky lines between your newly darkened skin
  • A sudden, refreshing breeze through an open window
  • The familiar childhood sound of the ice cream truck
  • The race of eating ice cream in a cone before it starts to drip and melt around your fingers
  • Remembering what it’s like to be a kid on summer vacation
  • Feeling healthy and alive after playing a sport outside
  • The total freedom of running barefoot on soft, dewy grass
  • The smell of barbecue glazed meat roasting on an open grill
  • The choral symphony of cicadas at night
  • The fragrant smell of sunscreen
  • The thrill of riding roller coasters
  • The unmistakable smell of freshly cut grass
  • The feelings of warmth that envelopes you as you walk out of a freezing cold building


School has been a MAJOR bummer this semester so needless to say, I cannot waittttt to get these last few weeks of the school year outta the way…and get to beautiful summer!!! I need warm weather, a tan, and lots and lots of free time more than anything else. Well, maybe not more than I need my student loans paid off, but it’s pretty close.

Thanks for reading!

PS, if you want to check out the full article, here’s the link!

Passion and Immigration

Happy Friday all!

I have had an exhausting, eye opening morning. After snoozing my alarm 4 times, I woke up at 6 a.m…. the time that I was supposed to meet at the front of Regina for the Broadview trip. I jumped out of bed, put on the first things I found, and ran up stairs. There was a 16 people crowd waiting up stairs- which is a great turn out for something so early!

Broadview Detention Center. Observe how hidden it is.

Broadview Detention Center. Observe how hidden it is.

We all gathered to go to the Broadview Detention Center for Immigration. However, it cannot be properly conceptualized as a “jail” or “prison” as is usual; it is a privatized center. Meaning people are making money from holding individuals there. In case you don’t know about the immigration system in the United States, read about it; it is a pretty profound and deeply broken system. This is exactly why we, as Mercy Students for Peace and Justice, join a group of activists who gather to observe and pray for the immigrants in front of detention center as an act of nonviolent protest, and also to show support. In the mornings while we are gathered outside, there are also families inside the building visiting their families that sometime join us in our solidarity.

This experience is so humbling and more so, inspiring. People need to be more passionate nowadays. There’s so much going on around us and to not care about at least a few certain things to a large extent is to almost not do your duty as a human, in my opinion. I’m always looking for ways that I can fulfill and work with my passions. I do a lot of work with MSPJ but just yesterday I went to the first environmental club meeting. There are so many things to do and get involved in that I feel like to at least not inquire and discover what these things are i’d be doing myself a disservice.

This weekend i’m going on my second retreat: Awakenings! I’m super excited:)

Stay fresh this weekend everyone!

Relax & Recharge.

Overcoming Adversity and Odds!



Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a great past week and weekend! It was refreshing and nice to see the weather become more like Spring weather for the past couple of days, it was much needed! Unfortunately, it’s going to be back in the mid to upper 40′s for the next few days with rain in there. I’m tired of the teases and the back and forth weather, but the temps beat what we’ve been getting for most of the year so far. I’ll gladly take it and hopefully we get better weather in the coming weeks.




Gandhi is someone who I look up to with his approach on how to handle things in your life. This quote speaks volumes to me, personally. I read this quote and it reminds me of the many hardships that my family, friends and myself have went through to get to the current point that we are at in our lives. From being told that I wasn’t going to amount to anything based on where I lived at, or because someone just didn’t see an “it” factor when it came to me, teachers included. My brothers, who were told that they wouldn’t amount to anything, even though our mom raised us right and now we’re productive citizens in society. Little obstacles like those are what I live for. It brings out strength within me that I never thought I had in me, myself and my loved ones overcoming the struggles that we had when we were younger and now we sit back and laugh at the comments people had to say about us. I have no ill-will directed against anyone because that would show that I haven’t grown and matured as an adult. It would also show that any negative feedback that anyone said about me I actually took it to heart, because I don’t. I just view it as a person giving their opinion on something and me having to once again prove somebody wrong, which is what I love to do!




What I’m basically saying is that, don’t let anyone define you, label you and put a road block ahead of you. We all have the ability of overcoming adversity and the odds stacked up against us. How we handle it is the key to me. We can’t afford to give up in life, no matter how difficult our circumstances may be. Just because some of us didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, or we don’t wear the most priciest clothes, or that someone said that we wouldn’t make it because of where was brought up and start throwing stats at you. That doesn’t define you and you’re not a stat you’re a human-being. That just means that you will have to work hard to get to a certain place in your life that you will love. Once you accomplish that, it would feel even better than it normally would because you did something great, despite all of the odds against you! I know it’s a cliche, but it still holds true; Never give up on your dreams and aspirations.




With that being said, I hope that  everyone takes that to heart and  has a great week and weekend. Stay safe and be responsible in anything that you decide to do and keep on striving to achieve greatness and your goals in life as well!