Can’t Rush Things!



Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! It’s hard to believe that there are only a few weeks left in the semester. We’ve made it through and now it’s time for the stretch run. To put everything that we have into these final few weeks to obtain the best possible grade that we can possibly get and knock everything out of the way, so that we can rests easy and enjoy our Summer break, which is well deserved.




A trend that I have been noticing is that people are jumping into relationships without really knowing the person and gets shocked when they’re breaking up after just a few weeks of dating each other. This quote is something that I live by on a daily basis as it pertains to everything in life, especially relationships. We can’t just rush into something as serious as a relationship with a significant other. In my opinion, these types of things come naturally. Meaning, it happens when we least expect it to. Most of the time, this happens when we’re not even searching for the right person. You can’t force a shoe that doesn’t fit your feet fit and you can’t make two people who aren’t a natural fit, force them to fit with each other as well.




To me, this is at least, one big part of the meaning of finding love and that special person in your life. Hundreds of people love us when we are on top and when we are at our best. There are a select few people that stays with us when we are at our low points and at our weakest. This holds true to relationships as well. When we meet someone who loves us and are with us no matter what, I feel as though we cannot take that person for granted. Nowadays people are so fickle and switch up on each other at the drop of a dime, we can’t take the people who do stay for the long ride for granted.




To me, we have to keep an open mind when finding the right person as well. I read on a social media site that one person said that if you can’t financially take care of me, than I can’t be bothered with you. That person is still single, so how has it worked out for you? The restrictions that we put on people and who we’re looking for is doing too much in my opinion. Says things like that is just crazy, and I know that we are all entitled to what we are looking for but we cannot be surprised that we have not found anyone when we use things like that as a criteria. When close off our minds, we tend to miss out on a lot in life and when we finally broaden our horizons, it’s too late at times. It’s sad, but true. The person that comes into your life might not be who you physically envisioned you would be with, but if they make you feel a special way, you can’t risk giving up on them.




On that note, I hope that everyone has a great weekend and hang in there and just know that the semester is almost over as well. Once again, enjoy your day and weekend as well!

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