Great Weekend With Great Friends!!




Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great past weekend like I did. This quote couldn’t be anymore truer to me , personally, let’s just cease the day that we have in front of us and make it a fun time in the process. Life is all about having fun and taking chances in life and that’s what I’m beginning to realize. One of my close friends came to visit and we had a fun and interesting time during the few days that he was at my place.




It’s amazing to me how far all of my friends have grown up during the years. I remember how we used to act and behave in college and just in life. We all had a lot of fun and but at times we were a little bit immature. I can honestly say that has all changed. We’re more focused than ever before and we’re now behaving and acting like true men and gentlemen. We’ve come to realize that our friendship with one another in our circle is more important and we value it more and more each day. Sometimes you see people take their friendship with others for granted and I’m happy that none of my friends do that with each other. Granted, we don’t see each other as much, but we still communicate with each other daily and we’re still as close as before. It comes a time in our lives that we realize that it doesn’t matter how many friends we have on Facebook or Twitter, because to be honest, 85%-93% of those people that we have on there, we don’t even talk to or have no relationship with. So you come to appreciate the people who are in your lives for the long haul, instead of temporary or when they need something from you.




I believe this quote speaks volumes. Sometimes destiny corrects the decision by making people in your life your true friends, both male and female. I don’t consider the people who are extremely close to me as just friends, but family. I view them as my brothers and sisters, just like my two younger brothers. We always have great times with each other and I am thankful of that and them everyday. There’s nothing better than having true friends and family.




The only downfall of having such a good time with close friends is that you forget that you have some homework to take care of. Three papers and a test that is all due this week. I’ve knocked down one paper, so now I have two more to go, which I intend on finishing today.Than a test to take tomorrow. I’m happy that I have stuck it out for this long and that the semester is almost over with. I just have to keep telling myself that and I’ll be fine. So much work to do, but all for an ultimate goal, which is graduating!




I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend! Just remember that the semester and school year is almost over so go in and finish out strong!

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