Overcoming Adversity and Odds!



Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a great past week and weekend! It was refreshing and nice to see the weather become more like Spring weather for the past couple of days, it was much needed! Unfortunately, it’s going to be back in the mid to upper 40′s for the next few days with rain in there. I’m tired of the teases and the back and forth weather, but the temps beat what we’ve been getting for most of the year so far. I’ll gladly take it and hopefully we get better weather in the coming weeks.




Gandhi is someone who I look up to with his approach on how to handle things in your life. This quote speaks volumes to me, personally. I read this quote and it reminds me of the many hardships that my family, friends and myself have went through to get to the current point that we are at in our lives. From being told that I wasn’t going to amount to anything based on where I lived at, or because someone just didn’t see an “it” factor when it came to me, teachers included. My brothers, who were told that they wouldn’t amount to anything, even though our mom raised us right and now we’re productive citizens in society. Little obstacles like those are what I live for. It brings out strength within me that I never thought I had in me, myself and my loved ones overcoming the struggles that we had when we were younger and now we sit back and laugh at the comments people had to say about us. I have no ill-will directed against anyone because that would show that I haven’t grown and matured as an adult. It would also show that any negative feedback that anyone said about me I actually took it to heart, because I don’t. I just view it as a person giving their opinion on something and me having to once again prove somebody wrong, which is what I love to do!




What I’m basically saying is that, don’t let anyone define you, label you and put a road block ahead of you. We all have the ability of overcoming adversity and the odds stacked up against us. How we handle it is the key to me. We can’t afford to give up in life, no matter how difficult our circumstances may be. Just because some of us didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, or we don’t wear the most priciest clothes, or that someone said that we wouldn’t make it because of where was brought up and start throwing stats at you. That doesn’t define you and you’re not a stat you’re a human-being. That just means that you will have to work hard to get to a certain place in your life that you will love. Once you accomplish that, it would feel even better than it normally would because you did something great, despite all of the odds against you! I know it’s a cliche, but it still holds true; Never give up on your dreams and aspirations.




With that being said, I hope that  everyone takes that to heart and  has a great week and weekend. Stay safe and be responsible in anything that you decide to do and keep on striving to achieve greatness and your goals in life as well!

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