Passion and Immigration

Happy Friday all!

I have had an exhausting, eye opening morning. After snoozing my alarm 4 times, I woke up at 6 a.m…. the time that I was supposed to meet at the front of Regina for the Broadview trip. I jumped out of bed, put on the first things I found, and ran up stairs. There was a 16 people crowd waiting up stairs- which is a great turn out for something so early!

Broadview Detention Center. Observe how hidden it is.

Broadview Detention Center. Observe how hidden it is.

We all gathered to go to the Broadview Detention Center for Immigration. However, it cannot be properly conceptualized as a “jail” or “prison” as is usual; it is a privatized center. Meaning people are making money from holding individuals there. In case you don’t know about the immigration system in the United States, read about it; it is a pretty profound and deeply broken system. This is exactly why we, as Mercy Students for Peace and Justice, join a group of activists who gather to observe and pray for the immigrants in front of detention center as an act of nonviolent protest, and also to show support. In the mornings while we are gathered outside, there are also families inside the building visiting their families that sometime join us in our solidarity.

This experience is so humbling and more so, inspiring. People need to be more passionate nowadays. There’s so much going on around us and to not care about at least a few certain things to a large extent is to almost not do your duty as a human, in my opinion. I’m always looking for ways that I can fulfill and work with my passions. I do a lot of work with MSPJ but just yesterday I went to the first environmental club meeting. There are so many things to do and get involved in that I feel like to at least not inquire and discover what these things are i’d be doing myself a disservice.

This weekend i’m going on my second retreat: Awakenings! I’m super excited:)

Stay fresh this weekend everyone!

Relax & Recharge.

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