Stopping The Violence In Chicago!



Hello everyone, I hope that you all had an excellent weekend and that we only have one week left of classes and than we go on a much needed break! I feel as though if you have a voice and/or a platform do address any issues that you feel strongly about, you should do it. No matter how small you believe your voice may be to reach the masses, if I get to a few people, I will feel good about that at this point. I’m only a college student, so I don’t know how big my voice is but I will try to reach some, I will feel as though I made some kind of difference. Chicago is a wonderful place, I was born here and I love my city. Unfortunately, all of the senseless violence that has been going on, just brings a dark cloud over the city and makes people very hesitant to even come to visit or come to certain places in Chicago.




It doesn’t make any sense why anyone, especially little children are being killed left and right. Every time my television is cut on, there’s a report on the news on how someone has killed a child and for what? Because a child was crying for too long or they did something that little children do? Or maybe it’s because it was mistaken identity? Regardless and what the case maybe, it’s still wrong. We are slowly, but surely killing off the kids and people that are suppose to lead us into the next generation. Soon, we will have no next generation or no leaders, and that is the most unfortunate thing out of all of this. We need to let these children grow up and be able to become what they want to be and achieve all of the success and accomplishments that they desire. Children are losing parents and parents are losing children. This all needs to stop and allow these people to reach their full potential.




As I stated, we need to stop this senseless violence. We all need to learn how to become productive citizens in this world. Children can’t even go outside and more just to ride their bikes and hangout with their friends anymore. My parents and older people always talk about how back in their day, they were always able to go outside and be free and hangout and walk to the corner store. You wouldn’t have to worry about being shot or someone getting mad at you because they don’t like the way you look. I am longing for those days at this point. We’re bringing back so many styles that were relevant in the 70′s and 80′s, maybe we should bring back the ability for children to be able to be children without any consequences for doing so. Allowing anyone to walk down the street or start up a rally towards stopping violence and being killed for no apparent reason. It brings a bad light to the whole city and you have to wonder if these people watch the news or if they just don’t care.




Instead of spending all of this energy committing crimes, put your time into something useful. Play sports, get active in your community, provide meals to the homeless, after-school programs, playing in the park, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg with a litany of things to do to become productive and putting our time to good use. Who knows, putting the time and effort into these different avenues may lead to a scholarship, starting up a business and the sky’s the limit at that point. We have the ability to be anything we want to be in this world for the greater good, don’t waste your potential or doing stupid things such as violence and crime.




I can’t stress enough on how beautiful Chicago is. We need to start taking pride in our city instead of making it a war zone. However, this isn’t just for the city of Chicago, it is for everyone. Violence is happening too frequently and it needs to stop. High-school shootings, mass movie shootings, people getting killed because they declined to go to prom with someone. We all need to do better and it starts with ourselves. This is for everyone, race, gender, etc. We all have the ability to do better and we need to start doing better.

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