Summer-break Has Officially Began!



i hope that everyone had a great week and weekend, especially the people who graduated! It can’t be said enough how proud you all should be of yourselves for graduating and moving on to the next level of your life. It’s a huge step, but I am sure that you all are prepared for it and will look forward to taking the challenge up head-on. No matter if you’re graduating kindergarten, junior-high, high, college or from graduate school, it’s a monumental milestone regardless and everyone should be proud of themselves for making it all happen. My girlfriend is graduating from college this Saturday and I am very proud of her for staying committed and not allowing any outside influences distract her from achieving her goal of graduating. She deserves this more then anything and I can’t wait to see her go across the stage to get her diploma!




Now that school is over, it’s finally time to enjoy Summer-break! You can hangout with your friends, who you probably haven’t seen in forever, going to bbq’s hanging out with your family, and just enjoying all the positive energy that Summer has to offer. Hopefully there is no negativity for anyone and that violence doesn’t come anybody’s way. It’s a shame that we can’t fully enjoy Summer without looking over our shoulder hoping that no one who has a hidden agenda comes our way. This cannot happen and we all need to stay positive and to not start any senseless, useless drama with others.




Here’s to having a great Summer and getting our batteries re-energized! I hope that everyone has a great Summer-break and enjoy the weather and positive atmosphere! It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend as well!

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