A Minnesota Girl in the Windy City

IMG_0214My name is Genesis Garcia Fisher, I am a first year student and a campus resident at this beautiful University and I’m so excited to be calling this my home for the next four years. I am from Bloomington Minnesota… Have you ever been to Mall of America?  That’s where I’m from!  Not that I was there a whole lot, not exactly into shopping.  Sorry if you want to hear about great shopping sales, that’s not exactly what I am into.

What I am into is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (C.S.O.). They have over ten concerts this season that students have to only pay ten dollars for, of course its student sitting, and its limited, but it’s the C.S.O.!  If you google, “Chicago Symphony Orchestra student tickets,” it should take yCSOou directly to the correct link to buy the ticket! I am going to be there with some awesome friends to hear the amazing Riccardo Muti conduct Tchaikovsky’s dramatic fourth movement.  So excited – perks of living in Chicago! My major is Elementary Education with a future minor in music.  That being said, I’m in the orchestra here at Saint Xavier University and play the cello. If you haven’t heard the cello before (you have), then you live under a sad rock…a very sad rock.  They have cellos in almost every group now, from rock to pop, to heavy metal to smooth jazz, and of course classical.

Aside from my passion for music, I also really love the Sisters of Mercy. They were one of my deciding factors when picking out what school I was going to be attending for college, as was a small Catholic University, since I am Catholic myseIMG_0011lf.  I love everything they stand for, from being nuns and being awesome to their focus on equality for all humans, especially immigrants.  My dad or “mi Papi,” as I call him, is an immigrant. He came to this country over twenty years ago from Nicaragua.  So, everything that the Sister of Mercy stand for, seems to remind me of home.  My Papi is the hardest worker I know. He has four jobs, each for one of his kids, almost never sleeps, and works holidays, but is always happy to be around us kids, always wanting to use up every second he has free with us.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my decision for choosing SXU, I’ve got some great thing planned to share with all of you! I have signed up for Quest, have you? It’s only for freshman though! It is  supposed to be super awesome, so I’m super pumped!  We leave right after school on Friday at 6p and come back Sunday!  I have my roommate and my tight group of friends going, so hopefully it goes well!  This week I will also be working with the Bread Truck on Monday and Wednesday and I have first-year student ambassadors training! I will for sure let you know next week how it all went! Especially with homecoming week right around the corner, I am excited to be a part of my first college homecoming week!

I hope school is going well for you!  Get excited for homecoming!  I will have updates next week about how things went!

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