Happy Homecoming Weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend in Coug Town! I heard we won our Homecoming game! I didn’t get to go :(



I did have the chance to go to the Heritage Ball! There was some trouble at first with me not having a dress and the day before spending all afternoon in the mall going from store to store trying to find one. It was hard… Especially since I had just spent 5 straight hours working on a paper for my criminal justice class – Juvenile Justice and Delinquency. Here are some pictures of my night!



My significant other and myself.

FullSizeRender (2)

These are all my friends! :)


I got called “The Mexican Marilyn Monroe” a couple of times that night!

Tonight! SUNDAY, September 28th! ONCE UPON A TIME IS BACK! I have been binge watching this show since I found it on Netflix. It took me about two weeks total for the first and second season, 3 days for the third season, and now it’s on TV! Frozen is coming to Storybrooke. I can’t wait!

Once Upon A Time Season 4


The only downside about my weekend is that the Bears lost to the Packers :( I hope that next week is better!

As the secretary of UNIDOS, we had an event on Thursday in the diner atrium. UNIDOS hosted dance lessons. I don’t have those pictures yet… but once I do! Best believe I will share them with you guys!

Tomorrow is Monday! As we enter the 6th week of school, I pray for everyone that has exams coming up. May God give you the blessings you need in order to be successful and happy.


Jessica <3 :)

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