So Wake Me Up

IMG_0769Hey y’all, this is one thing that I picked up since my move from Minnesota, I say y’all now, I’m sorry mom.  But really though, this past week has been one of my favorite weeks at college!  Just so you know, I love taking pictures, it captures the moment, so you will see a lot of pictures! On Wednesday I started working the bread truck, and before returning back to school I already asked to be signed up for every Wednesday that was open. For those of you who do not know what the bread truck is, on MondayIMG_0768 and Wednesday from 5:45 to 9 p.m., students go to the Port Ministries in the Back- of- the- Yards neighborhood of Chicago.  With the Bread truck we stop at various stops offering sandwiches, soup and hot chocolate to the homeless and people in need of a meal.   It truly is  a great way to get involved in our community. The time flies! And you get a nickname, mine is Sassy. So if you are interested in helping those in need, want to get to know great people, and get a awesome nickname to email Thomas Cook at (The three of us volunteers in the back of the bread truck, had such a great time with these lovely’s.) IMG_0828

The next best thing was the Quest retreat! Without giving away information for those who are going in the Spring and small group!next fall! Quest was amazing.  All future students who are thinking about going, should.  You get such a great experience with a great group of people, Questies Besties goes so far! And don’t even get me started on how amazing my small group was!  If you are looking to create a strong knitted group with a religious touch, go to Quest!  It is just so great! For those who thought they couldn’t go because they weren’t Catholic or Christian, you should!  It really is open to everyone no matter what your beliefs are, it focuses on the connection that we are all humans, we all have problems, we all have issues, but it is up to you to how you want to look at life.  (The middle picture was the Fall Quest group and the left picture was my amazing small group.)

On an important note, my little sissy, Maya, turned seventeen on the twenty third 1172471_594376520624399_1430609506_oof this month! This is our first birthday apart since she was born, and its crazy thinking I am eight hours away from her!  She is my best friend,  and I miss her everyday, but she was one of the people who encouraged me most about attending Saint Xavier University, she knew what I wanted when I didn’t know. (Picture above on right is Maya and I, one of my favorite pictures together.)

My first week of homecoming in college, and it was so much fun! TheIMG_0908re is so many fun games and activities for the week! My favorite part was the football game on Saturday! WE WON! 28-13! Maybe because my high school IMG_0909almost never won, but it was so great being there! And the food was good! All the students and families all dressed in red, and black! It was great! Football has never been so excited! (Pictures are from having a blast at the homecoming game!)

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