Midterms. We did it.

midterm weekHey y’all so we lived through midterms. The best way to make it through you might ask?! Starbucks. Now being from Minnesota, we drink Caribou. My drink in case you are wondering is a turtle mocha with no snickers, hot, I miss it. A lot.. But Starbucks got me through midterms, or at least coffee did. I am a true coffee addict.. But compared to what people are addicted to, coffee isn’t too bad, right?!
This week was I was told by one of my many questie besties to attend “Improve Your Life,” it was so funny. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, it’s like a mix of speech team/ comedians and games!  Those of you who didn’t go, I feel bad for you, its great! I laughed so much! I didn’t know that I could laugh so much in a hour and half! Next time you need to go! Everyone! It’s too great to miss!! Especially with it being such a great break during midterms!improv I also hope everyone saw the amazing moon this week! It shined over our beautiful campus so well! I also got to do more exploring through downtown and Lake Michigan! It was really exciting because of the Chicago Marathon! Lake Michigan is really beautiful! The water is so blue! I would also like to state that I so have the L down with all of it’s stops and transfers! It really is such a great way to get around!


I’m so excited to see half of my family next weekend! They have M.E.A. break, which in Minnesota is teacher workshop with the students not having to attend school! And they get to see the Symphony Orchestra honors concert is next Saturday at 4:30 at McGuire Hall! For those of you who do not know this, our lovely campus bookstore has student tickets for the movies! So you can get tickets for a cheaper price! I was able to see the Maze Runner and Dracula, story untold, both were soooooooooo gooooooddddddddd.

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