It’s OK to Let Your Yard “Fall” Apart

Hello readers,

I traveled home this weekend to renew my drivers license (I turned 21 on Tuesday!), which meant a lovely trip to the DMV. Luckily, it wasn’t crowded and I was in and out fairly quickly.

My sister and I celebrating our 21st birthday at Bourbon Street!

My sister and I celebrating our 21st birthday at Bourbon Street!

My mom had a few yardwork projects she needed help with so I stuck around to lend a hand which got me thinking a little bit about yards. Thats relatively weird, right?

Fall is my favorite season, I would let every leaf stay exactly where it falls if it were up to me. As I was cleaning up my yard, I noticed that several of my neighbors were also outside doing yard work as well. Now, my mom and I were just cleaning up some leaves that had fallen on our patio and sidewalk,nothing major. For the most part, we tend to leave our yard as it is. A little nature never hurt anyone.

However, I noticed that many of the neighbors were doing a much more thorough cleanup, tree and bush trimming, grass trimming and complete leaf clean up. It seemed a little strange to me. I guess one thing I’ll never understand is why people spend any extensive amount of time cleaning up their yard. I have friends and neighbors that devote countless hours ensuring that not a single leaf touches their lush, green lawn, the weeds never even sprout and no blade of grass or branch ever rises above the others.


Yes, a clean-cut yard is something to be proud of these days, and I commend them for their effort. But my family has always taken a different approach. And some might say we have a messy yard, but I suppose that is one of my favorite things about it, its a little……wild. I guess the reality is we’ve never had much time to groom our yard, we were always too busy enjoying it. Sure, we mow the lawn when need be, we plant a few flowers and vegetables and pull a few weeds but I’ve always found nature so much more beautiful when it hasn’t been altered much. So that is right, in the summer our lawn is always a little long, in the fall its covered in leaves, in the spring its home to dozens of dandelions (I’ve never thought of them as weeds anyway), the grass is a little longer when it rains a lot and a little browner when it doesn’t. Its full of trees and birds and squirrels and rabbits and bugs and we don’t do much about it.

There is so much natural beauty out there that occurs without a single human touch, I figure nature knows what its doing so I hand over the reins….it rarely disappoints.

Here’s to a peaceful and relaxing weekend!

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